About the fight against cheating chain of several major questions


" on the upgrading of hyperlink cheating algorithm to combat "the announcement that no cross round the value chain of web page or site set up to create a large number of". The search engine for web site or is of no value judgment standard is what? We all know that no value "is not helpful" to the user, but each page is a specific user, each page inside information contains more or less value. There is a search engine to capture ", as to whether there is value" on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, it is difficult to have an accurate judgment.

, how to identify the link is to spend money to buy or sell

leave a link

on the 23 day of love Shanghai issued "on the upgrade" super chain cheating algorithm of the announcement, I believe that the study of many people seriously, because every time the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade deeply affects our webmaster, if we ignore the point, is likely to wait for our K station, before the to cast to waste. The official things are a lot of places in order to gloss it over, there is no clear clear expression, Pang Riquan put forward some questions about the fight against chain cheating, I hope we can get the answer.

What is the value of

two, and

for the purchase or sale of the chain of course is well recognized, for the purchase or sale of the chain is high to low PR one-way PR website, but do not rule out the mutual understanding between minority owners, such as a unilateral chain is not impossible, if some webmaster contacts very good words one of his new station, is likely to get high PR website links, in this case, it is difficult to distinguish. Even if is the establishment of a "wealth", the economic investigation direction is not much effect. In this case, I think it is "character", if your character is good, all right. If you are wrong, little K months, there is no way you.

"on the hyperlink cheating algorithm is a classic" upgrade "specific words against deliberate manipulation behavior including but not limited to the following example, note that" but not limited to". Is there some super chain cheating, also not listed. For example, a large number of links to the medical industry left in stationmaster forum there may receive the punishment? In the webmaster forum can see the general reply post is completely without content, directly to the six or seven non related links put up, for this approach, that is said to have effect, is only to attract the search engines to the target web crawling, or increase your exposure rate. But in this way, even now no punishment, is definitely the future "

there is a cross industry chain wheel is cheating? For the same cross wheel chain like Taobao, between businesses in each brush reputation, for each brush reputation, Taobao and a Alipay and want to do in the monitoring, the search engine is the basis for the recognition of what

web site"

three and related web sites have punished