Keywords ranking into love Shanghai home summary


love K station in Shanghai, many sites have been damaged in varying degrees: some site snapshot no, domain is not in the home, not the key words…… So we have to open our eyes to find Links, get a peer site when we first in the webmaster tools query under its weight, the PR value, snapshot, based on these meet again on the input in Shanghai search engine: domain:www.**贵族宝贝, if the query is not in the home if you don’t consider, if the above are in line with the congratulations on this site is a qualified chain. Now because of love Shanghai, want to exchange to a high quality chain is not easy, so now we have to look down, as long as the website of the other side and we are the same, the most important thing is not to be in love with the sea K, even if it is a qualified chain. Such a chain for more than some of us is very good, but every day in two or so.

now I release the chain no longer before blindly send the chain, I now have to release, but also to ensure that the chain I released effectively at the same time can be included in the love of Shanghai. The first two papers prepared modified good text, in some of the more popular popularity forum to publish. Here I would like to recommend some popular popularity place: Shanghai (> Post Bar love


1, add five article every day for

after two months of hard work finally completed the keyword ranking task, it is really "not easily won.". According to "basic keyword ranking unstable how to do", here I will optimize their successful experience to share with you the next out.

of the five articles is not just to increase, I was allocated two articles, the most popular news, an industry news and two technical articles, as shown below. Add hot news in order to attract the attention of others, increase website hits to ensure site stability, also can ensure the stability of the web site keywords ranking. Here I need to remind is: in the hot news added with internal chain, industry news and technical articles on the chain with the chain.

2, qualified Links

3, effective the chain


Hello, I am the future. Before me and everyone we mentioned keywords of a website (sewage pump) ranking instability problems, and then published an article "keywords ranking unstable how do", which is mainly summed up the keywords ranking unstable causes and coping strategies. I said the words I must do I love Shanghai home is to complete the task, I finally got the key words do love Shanghai home now, as shown below.