How to judge their own website content is not in accordance with the needs of users

third is PV, in fact this is similar with the second point, of course, if your PV is high, the user is the love of your web site, your implicit demand mining well, to solve the user’s problem. In turn, you lower the PV that your content may not meet the users.

In fact, these three points should be combined with the

in will see more value together, will be more comprehensive look inside factors, rather than individual to see them. If the next time you meet a single web site keywords ranking drop the case you’re going to love you back to look at the statistics of Shanghai is not out of the rate is too high, the residence time is too short, too little PV. If this is really the case, then you should immediately search the key analysis of the current user needs, and grasp its layout in the website, and make the subsequent mining demand and implicit demand, believe that your site keywords ranking will be back soon.

first you want to see the average search keywords to visit this time, if the length is only 10 seconds of the average access, which illustrates the user into your website through this keyword, and your site does not meet the needs of its people and left

recently found on several websites ranking fluctuation is fierce, always up and down, make people appear, for fear that one day it will no longer come in trouble. In fact, many believe that Shanghai dragon Er have encountered such a situation, but do not know the site where the problem is, in fact, website keywords ranking fluctuations generally user needs are met. In fact, this problem has been more and more important, two or three years before the popular what content is king, the chain for the emperor. Now no one shouted the slogan of it, last year a series of love Shanghai algorithm upgrade actually only two topics for a purpose, the first is to combat spam and combat spam links, the purpose is to enhance the user experience of the website. The last line is Scindapsus algorithm dedicated to combating the link, so this time you want to play on the link to Shanghai dragon is not possible, so the user demand research becomes especially important.

comes back to the question, the website keywords ranking fluctuations. If the overall ranking of the site keywords decreased overall site flow decreased is that your site down the right, at least what reason you need your analysis. But if other keyword rankings are good, only individual keyword ranking dropped, the big reason is that the user search keywords to your site, your site’s content layout does not meet this keyword. In fact, love Shanghai statistics can see this point:

may also say that, despite my website some shut "

second is to look at the search keywords see bounce rate, bounce rate is high, if you jump out of the rate is high if there are two reasons, may be because your own content does not help to the user, on the other hand, because you did not do the user’s demand continued.