The real station share the chain and included how we respond to the instability


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the last three days of the chain and the content included are normal, increases and reduced, but the chain and included exon 12.16 is not normal. Figure


share: before I often encounter this situation, an increase of more than 400 between the chain of the night. But the rankings are falling, snapshots stop. But then I is how to operate. Before the promotion is 20 forums and 5 blog friends >



love for Shanghai this situation is too normal, because we also know love Shanghai algorithm is constantly adjusted, doomed the webmaster we follow the love behind go Shanghai. Then we analyze these chain growth and decrease, and increase and decrease content of reason. The first reason is love Shanghai self adjustment caused. Second reasons for their excessive optimization, such as increasing fierce outside the chain, or the contents of the article are not updated, pseudo original too many situations. Then we solve these problems. Solution: the best chain manual regular increase in the use of the mass of the chain, don’t use the collector to collect the content, appropriate to update the original articles. On the basis of good mentality and two solutions, this situation is not difficult to solve. If the operation will lead to excessive K station, you were in the operation to the attention of the.

in the face of love Shanghai so often small update and update, many Shanghai dragon ER began very calm. Especially when you do webmaster novice very calm. Love Shanghai some unstable small update let many webmaster began to tangle. For the chain and included unstable situation, in the Shanghai dragon forum many station friends mentioned. Shanghai dragon dish brother from his own experience to share with everyone, how to face the chain and included unstable situation.


at this moment my attitude is really very calm. We’ll look at my website ranking

big update, which is now so good rankings. This is no joy or sorrow, but I want to tell you that Shanghai dragon ER the webmaster, should pay attention to the ranking is so good, do not represent second days or so ranking.

This is because the week ranked

station should have a good mentality, whether do Shanghai dragon or good, or other events. Good attitude decides it all. First, let yourself calm down, where to find the fundamental problem. We can not because of a sudden decrease and included desperately to increase the chain, then you can be really wrong. The factors of instability in Shanghai brought love website decrease and increase in the chain, how I was calm. Figure I optimization site (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) recently chain