The RSS is turned off, a nternet era has ended

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blog later became RSS > decadent decline

RSS has already fallen not what happens, from the business in recent years, the RSS index has declined across the board, the number of users has been plunged. At present, although the number of RSS users is still very large, in one million level, but for an already listed Internet Co, not cut the development potential of the business, to focus on high-quality resources becomes more and more important, at this point, Google is doing on.

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RSS why

opened the history of the development of RSS, it can be found that RSS actually closely related blog and prosperity. Around 2003, blog officially entered the line of sight of people, at that time many fans began to write articles, photos, operators in their own world, the emerging Internet products and the lack of time, a custom has the effect of the product is very tempting, but after that, with the development of the blog industry. The technical agreement RSS is continuing to move forward, a connecting link between the author and the application of blog users.

is discarded, the use is not good, because as a star product, Google and I did not want to casually turn off the RSS, but a harsh reality before us, that is RSS is not suitable for the current Internet environment. The new generation of Internet users now, love is the interactive process, and this process requires a strong user stickiness, but what are the advantages of RSS, to help the users to customize the information flow, access or reserve yes, this comb? Are the advantages of RSS, but also its disadvantages, because can be customized, so there is no need to frequently visit, because there will be a reserve, the viscosity of the user has to a certain extent, weakened. Although the process you will not have a "do you have a new fan", "you have a new comment like" excuse me, but is this "excessive" silence makes everything to the development of the Internet on the opposite side driving, leading to its backwardness.

RSS’s "parasite" is the key to the fall of

in March 16th, the industry has said that Google to close its RSS reader client, the news has spread, immediately attracted uproar. Because in the eyes of many people, the Google reader is a very complete tool, it can give us some information to develop flow, resulting in the jumbled information society we want to get to see the first time. But the market ultimately is the basis of survival of all products, while Google IReader is good, no interference, just focus on the list of information presentation, but in social interaction and frequent today, Internet products in addition to focus on their own, but also to meet the requirements of the times, the pursuit of a real-time interactive effect to that of RSS apparently do.

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