Website optimization needs to be outward first

from the title, this is not about an article of war. The KMT government from the first source is about the beginning of the Song Dynasty to Song Taizong said Zhaopu suriko "Chinese both ANN Yi from the service group. Therefore, for resisting foreign aggression, the first inside." It is in the external and internal circumstances, we should start to worry, to win the final victory. So in today’s Shanghai dragon industry, how do we understand the

as a webmaster, every day we observe a variety of data, particularly important is the keywords ranking. Look at the ranking of each day is stagnant, as practitioners, but also more and more big pressure. Many owners think that the article not included, not updated snapshot, keywords ranking does not rise but declined and so on a series of factors of love for Shanghai spiders don’t climb to your site by. So, how to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai to climb their own website page

mentioned at the beginning of the article "the KMT government, we as a webmaster, so to understand: in the station optimization for patients, as the station optimization worries, we should first do the optimization of the site within yourself, than to do every day, hundreds of" junk "very much. We first strong "(here refers to the site of the internal optimization), to meet the user’s experience.


Here is the

home page head, do not click on logo effect. This is not conducive to the user experience, hope that the webmaster should make corresponding adjustment.

?The first reaction is:

many owners outside the chain, the chain that the amount and way wide influence to attract spiders, then the general practice is every day to send hundreds or thousands of junk chain. Here I want to say a personal point of view, the amount will not fine.

Here is an example:

? The

map appears in the lower left corner of the page, this marked red area, whether it is necessary? Or is the location is wrong? We can assume that you are a user, after entering the site, recommend a hot, how will appear in a page at the bottom of what? The user can position such notice, not to add a chain of clicks, but the hot recommend either appear in the main page of area, or directly removed.



here is a very important article page, because the page is related to the site collected. Most of the webmaster is very care about, will go to update every day, whether it is the article for the user has no value, as long as the relevant to our website on the line. So you have love in Shanghai, love Shanghai more love and included in the article add the inner chain. Is it really so? The answer is negative. "