Would you really know love Shanghai

our advantages: good execution, good creative, good at copywriting, good sales page design

products, but must not be blind to do, you’d better find a professional team or company to consult, we do Home Furnishing accessories, worked with a doer network promotion team, executive ability is very good, give us promotion brought a lot of customers. It is recommended that you ask.

The first step: to find out the key words

love Shanghai know promotion planning thinkmap the first one:

picture 2

product selection classification written answers with

awesome love Shanghai very like know the night fireflies, always can let you look at it. So we all love to promote Shanghai with love but you know, at the time of the operation is really the love of Shanghai know the mighty domineering development acme? Will you love Shanghai know? Answer to dry cargo.

love Shanghai know keywords screening

Once the


keyword classification, and you find the business related words, the maximum value of the word. (Note: I’m too lazy, the screenshot below words before subdivision)


case: XXX enterprise cooperation, XX enterprise key words on the front page of

example: how to do network promotion of

third step: according to the breakdown of the key words, write the corresponding promotion passage. Write some suggestions, it is best not to repeat. Must take advantage of the strength of enterprises, the whole show honor. In order to thinking is not chaos, can do a logic structure diagram.

note: if you are other business, according to the keywords in your industry or product to expand.

The second step:

Shanghai is in love with the sea love know many "son" is one of the great love for Shanghai but it is doted on her. A product containing keywords love Shanghai know is easy to row in the same site overhead. So, for us to promote the network, love Shanghai know promotion is amiable, it allows us to easily get ranked, and the third tone to tell the user that certain products are very Niubi, don’t buy your big loss!

example: I am good at doing product network promotion, I want to through the network to help customers to do product orders, the network promotion, then my client may search for "product network promotion" keywords, then I can love Shanghai promotion assistant to expand more search words. As follows:


products?A lot of network promotion methods of


product promotion. Many search keywords, recommended here love Shanghai promotion assistant keywords planning, because there are statistical user search words.