The picture of the site should be how to optimize

then you need the page background, add the appropriate code for this picture, and a piece of content that is the code behind the alt attribute of the picture, the search engine spiders will be able to obtain relevant picture information through this short words. In addition to fill in the alt attribute, the text must be complete, but will not be too long, as far as possible to contain the corresponding keywords, so it can enhance the image characteristics optimization. In order to help in Shanghai love search results, you can display this picture.

second, set the Alt property. This is an important way to optimize the picture, can be an important way to make the love of spiders in Shanghai read the picture, so the picture in the optimization, this is the key content. Webmasters may think, just under the picture and write a short introduction on it, in fact only in this way can improve the user experience, allowing users to know what the meaning of this picture, but for search engines, or do not know.

text is the mainstream and trend of the construction of website, if a web page, if are pictures, or is text, from the experience of reading the degree is not too good. But generally speaking, the pictures on the website can not very good included, from the current point of view, the love of Shanghai is difficult to directly read the contents of the pictures, so if it is all pictures ", the optimization effect is often poor.

third, a small watermark for image. Although doing so will have a certain impact on the user experience, but as long as the production mode, such as watermark depth to light a little, don’t cover the key elements in the picture, usually do not have a poor user experience of. But through the watermark, even if the other site reproduced, want to wipe.

first, use JPEG images as much as possible, if it is a dynamic picture, you need to use the GIF format. The more the kind of picture format of dynamic display, but it is often necessary to end users install plug-in, and use the GIF format, basically does not affect the display of images, so it can make web pages have a good compatibility. While the use of JPEG images, but also need to pay attention to the overall capacity of the whole picture, not too large, otherwise it will produce a relatively poor user experience, because users open the site for a long time.

but it does not mean that the image on the page, just to enhance the user experience of the effect, can not produce good optimization effect. In fact, now love Shanghai in the search results page, also began to appear in the icon, which shows the love of Shanghai has made remarkable achievements in reading picture content. Just read this picture data but also requires the means, that is to say, if we love according to the optimization model for Shanghai, Shanghai can make love better included these pictures, the optimization effect and help produce better website. The method here is to optimize the effect of several common promotion picture analysis.