The seven thing you need to do to learn Shanghai Dragon

Why is Shanghai dragon

logic programming ability not to be reflected in the web page layout, more important to website content and rational planning, planning the priority among priorities and depends on the internal chain planning. The content of the planning can be better for users to extend the reading, and can make the search engine constantly included other web content, the formation of a massive information network kept users visit your site; at the same time, the chain planning > Website

2. Shanghai dragon needs to understand the HTML language learning.


1. Shanghai dragon need persevere spirit.

learning Shanghai dragon may not have so advanced programming techniques, learning Shanghai dragon may not proficient in page design, learning Shanghai dragon does not need DIV+CSS; learning Shanghai dragon is not a difficult task, but in the learning process, if you want to master the Shanghai dragon, so we have to do a few things.

I believe that any one want to learn Shanghai Dragon technology or webmaster friends, not only want to take this technology application in the only website or simple to understand. Because we want to promote the keywords ranking through their Shanghai Dragon technology makes more website, also want to change the status of Shanghai Dragon technology, to realize the value of life by Shanghai dragon technology. Then we have to need to know HTML to a preliminary understanding of a website, the website to modify the necessary code through a website source code. We can not master HTML, because it is only the most basic computer language language, is also the most easy to understand language, as long as we can understand, and can modify the website source code can when necessary.

Learning Learning

3. Shanghai dragon needs a good article editing ability.

learning a persevere spirit? Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, because this work is closely related with the search engine, search engine to your website, will accumulate website weight, will improve the site keywords ranking, this is a constant algorithm. So even if we have strong Shanghai dragon skills, we still need to update the website content, constantly optimize the layout, continue to release the chain, make it become the search engine users love, love website. Only continue to insist, will see good results, will become a qualified Shanghai dragon ER.

4. Shanghai dragon logic need good planning skills.

have the ability to edit and not everyone, if you can write a good article, then there will be more people because of an article in love with your website, can also help a lot of people because of an article. This time, this is the essence of a website, but also support the website can be included in search engine has an important condition. If you do not have a strong article editing ability, then you have to read, write, from the original false start your way of writing.