Tuyere stop, Shenzhou enterprise orange for entrepreneurs to light blue ocean directionDowngrade the

this financing competition, it is not only a huge sum of money, but more importantly, the two shared bicycles have entered the E round of financing. The venture capital industry there is a secret that enterprises at the outlet of the previous rounds can boldly cast, there is disk access man. But by the E round, the amount of financing is still so huge, it can be seen that sharing the bike is the biggest outlet this year, and the capital must compete here.

traditional industries are like mountain climbing. Mountains are there. As long as they persevere, they will always climb to the top. A new generation of Internet start-ups is surfing, a wave, not sure, miss, missed. The big wave of the mobile Internet has now passed, and the next wave has yet to come. Therefore, the capital will tend to be conservative, and the market is also a piece of red sea. Like a few years ago staking, an idea can exchange for a big market in the era of the past, and the new big waves haven’t arrived.


Youxian of Hunan province is a well-off has 700 thousand resident population of the county, the local people come up with various kinds of entertainment to enrich their life, which in the local one called "Hu touch" card game very much by the locals. Although the total amount of users is not large, but this game is very popular in the local, and has formed a difficult to change gameplay and user habits.

but this is by no means the warmth of capital waking from the winter. On the contrary, this is the sign that capital tends to be conservative. The venture capital in the first quarter of 2017 more than doubled in the first quarter of, and the number of venture capital projects exceeded 300 for the first time since the first quarter of 2016, according to venture capital data. In the first quarter of 2016, A financing accounted for 25% of total financing volume, compared with only 21% in the first quarter of 2017. The amount of investment and the number of projects increased, while the A round of financing was tightened. Capital in order to ensure the safety of funds and the flow of the project, select Clear mature projects, and more money to be smashed. This virtually is squeezing the funds and opportunities that start-ups may finance, and the winter of capital has not completely gone.

, however, it gives other people a chance. Guo Wei is a 42 year old prison police detective, in order to pass the boring time, Guo Wei himself made some materials, began to learn programming code. However, after all, it is in the small county town, after this "craft" has learned, there is not enough space to display.

inventory in recent years, the wind round round change, from the previous year’s takeaway war, to live PK, and then to share the prosperity of the economy today, it seems that the capital has always been a new outlet to madness. But careful study, you will find that capital and projects have entered the era of pre oligarchs, leaving opportunities for start-ups is not much. To be precise, the tuyere has been arrested, and it needs the Chinese orange to light the new blue ocean direction for the entrepreneurs.

blue ocean path in the Red Sea

probably because the police occupation of sharp, although don’t understand what is a niche market or market segments of these concepts, Guo Wei quickly discovered that the Internet was "this kind of game, they also know so little, you want to try to do a play to others, is purely entertainment".

at the same time, the big giants have been in the last round of growth, taking advantage of the platform. Entrepreneurs in the red sea environment looking for opportunities, we must grasp the market segments. Today’s capital Xu Xin once said

if entrepreneurship is a trip, then Guo Wei’s entrepreneurial history is really a journey of a person. Unable to find another partner, Guo worked independently to develop the end tour. Under harsh conditions, he spent a total of 7, 8 months, a person, a code, no people borrow it resources situation out of their game. Guo Wei simply insisted on going to the end, and got to the day of the product line. In the process of promoting and developing his own product, Guo Wei found some advantages he could take advantage of.

first of all, the county town is very small, easy to form word of mouth. After the product line, Guo Wei began the promotion of new products, because there is no money on hand, had to find a colleague to try to help promote, but he accidentally found that the promotion effect is very good. Originally, the small county town >

chess game in China has a wide range of users. For example, and other game platform for people’s preferences, providing a large number of chess games. However, their services are difficult to meet all customers, this is because chess games everywhere have their own rules and play. However, for players around the development of related games, for the giants, the cost is too high, not worth the candle, so they tend to ignore the market.

County Entrepreneurial benefits

is a "Lianzhong game" in the county town,

recently internet business direction seems to begin to change due to the giant squeeze, many people with entrepreneurial ideal began to yearn for Regional Internet business projects, such as the Hangzhou 19 Building, the use of Discus! Local website could build revenues of tens of millions, how can not let entrepreneurs heart go Shenyi, seems to do local the Internet is a small venture competition, gains considerable. But is that really the case? Today, I dark horse will take you to watch the death of a county Internet start-ups.

the most fire outlet is shared with the cycling economy, the high frequency of a business model is certainly a lot of competitors into the market, in order to compete for recognition of color, there had been a "Rainbow" car, gold chariots and other special colours. In the direction of the capital, v-mobile has been over 600 million dollars in a new round of financing, while ofo not miss this opportunity, hard to take a deep breath, announced $700 million financing.

capital madness is cold