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I satire VIC here doesn’t mean that I don’t respect those who smoked and received this mode.

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wrote here, readers must think: "but you forgot the lean startup mode. In this mode, entrepreneurs all on their own, to find ways to reduce costs, their brains to find a successful method." My answer is: look around those who preach this way people. One of them is VIC, but for a case only from the lean startup to start, until the time is ripe, to really tell you how to achieve the growth of venture capital institutions large-scale financing. Lean startups often means as much as possible to reduce the introduction of external capital, but in fact, if entrepreneurs have deep relations within an industry, truly understand the needs of customers, he in the Create Company when you should not raise external capital.

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often focus on Technology News readers think, to establish a successful start-up company, is the only way to learn programming, dropped out of college, looking for venture capital firms financing 50 million dollars, according to hits, hits, the number of other indicators, or income and profits, it sold at shlf1314 shlf1314. Sounds like a great story? But if this venture eventually start empty-handed high odds, I am afraid there will be no people think it fun.


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sounds great story filled with many influential business and scientific publications, kills real entrepreneurship. However, to promote the propaganda in accordance with VIC’s own interests. I guess the identity and encourage entrepreneurs to go on this road, the total profit of this "industry" is much higher than the profits generated by all this way created by start-ups.

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so far, in the company’s earnings before, most of the technology company founder is always rely on their own personal savings, but this way can seldom get media attention. A person working in an industry within twenty years to rely on their own savings to start the company, the company is located in Atlanta or Dallas, two level science and technology market, has been profitable, there are about two hundred employees, this story sounds a bit dull, not exciting. But this is the media should publicize the story, because it can be achieved, the common entrepreneurial process, it is this company to promote economic growth in the United states.

in the past 20 years, I have worked with a number of technology industry entrepreneurs, also witnessed the venture capital industry consortium Venture Industrial, Complex, VIC sharply influence. The so-called "venture capital industry consortium" refers to venture capitalists, bloggers, instructors, advisers, seed funds, accelerating mechanism and various meetings consisting of loose organization, they let the Americans obsessed for personal gain, not to venture into the throw the helve after the hatchet.

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the Commission for settlement from January 21st to January 27th has been paid off,