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many people will be curious, the new three plate and shell business is exactly what kind of? There are many people questioned, the new board does not exist backdoor,

but in fact, this is a market that has always existed. Although the new three board listing threshold is relatively low, but many companies are blocked because of various reasons outside the door, so that a steady stream of three plate and shell demand. There is demand, there is supply, there will be transactions, transactions require intermediaries.

despite the shell Market >

has always existed in the new three shell and plate business

was 35 million, when the seller left 10% of the old stock, waiting to earn some more in sedan chairs. In a shell deal in 2015, the shell price went up 2 million directly because the shell stock code had "77".

The most surprising offer for

      gender differences; people’s demand preferences are different; there is a world of difference in the consumption of goods other than necessities. If the product itself has gender color, then it is very necessary to judge the sex ratio of Internet users.

read that he visited several shell agencies recently, and they talked about the inside of the three plate market. For example, the current price of 10 million of the price has emerged, and the second half is expected to be below 10 million; for example, shell will be divided into a variety of products, each kind of pricing is not the same; for example, what people were buying.

by the beginning of 2016, "occasionally asked, the new three plate and shell at the beginning of the volume is not large, the shell of the fiery and three plate trading hot is positive."."

in August 2014, the market maker system, "shell resources" began continued warming, at first the price between 5 million to 10 million, after half a year to 20 million, the highest Ceng Pan to more than 30 million.

After the launch of

of course, good shell price or insist on not drop. In May this year, "Beijing cultural shell, 15 years listed, shareholders 6, circulation 50%, shell price 17 million", some people questioned whether it is too expensive, some people say that this is really not expensive. In the end how buying cheap or figure beautiful, it seems difficult to say.

‘s brief bull market in 2015 spawned a new three shell and plate business.

      many bosses ideally assume that all the people are product buyers; this is a classic mistake! "Mass" does not exist. In life there is only a specific group of people with a certain similarity, and without the public, the object is defined as the masses, is a vague.

read, you know, in 2016 a year down, North Canton shell prices in more than 20 million, while the two or three wire City shell prices between 15 million and 20 million. This year, shell prices all the way down, and constantly refresh the lowest price, 13 million, 12 million, 10 million……

      age is also a factor. Young people, especially unmarried, more concerned about how to make yourself more perfect and romantic, in the clothing, cosmetics and other goods often do not spend; married people more practical, more attention to children, home decoration, daily life etc.. If the product is household appliances, then it is necessary to choose a younger group of Internet users.

is the most severe when the first half of 2015, when demand is strong, since then, there has been a small group of people concerned about the new three panel brought about by the shell trading opportunities. At that time the situation is Shell Trading participants less, "monk less meat more", he never is from that time began to start a new three plate and shell intermediary, "at that time the new three board is very fire, joint and stimulate the shell market hot."".

      another noteworthy problem is the study of advertising planning object object is not specific and meticulous, and will catch a hundred, therefore could not find the consumer focus, focus on some seemingly important issues, but of no importance. This is often a fatal factor that affects the overall effectiveness of advertising, but is often overlooked. More advertising planners are willing to work on "design", "design", "design" and "color", but not enough to make a very important article behind the facts.

      identifies advertising objects in order to target advertising that attracts these people’s attention and motivates them to buy. To identify advertising objects is not easy, all Internet users are not necessarily advertising objects, after careful arrangement and careful division can be determined. There are many indicators of advertising, such as gender, age, culture, income, interest, occupation, etc..


      reasonably determine the object of advertising


 :     in the same age group of netizens, there will be differences in income, interest, occupation and so on. Income determines consumption, and different income levels have different consumption structures. Accurate division of the income of Internet users than with the population, so as to decide what level of products introduced, decided to use what kind of advertising tone. Special occupations often have specific consumer needs and motivations. Occupation distribution users do not show the regularity, but many common characteristics of the website must have Internet users, the characteristics and commonness and grasp in order to analyze the users of consumer motivation and consumer preferences, different occupation on the goods based on the recognition is different, in advertising planning, to accurately grasp.

three new board shells, rivers and lakes, there are too many things you can not imagine.

but this hot has not lasted long, and as the new three board market turns cold, the entire shell market began to cool.