Black brother lecture how to find a suitable Wangzhuan modentroduce some suitable advertisements!..

are there any ads that are suitable for movie owners,

: set up the site using the CMS system such as free moving easily, such as

… Banner advertising… The first kind of

third is a

such sites want to make money, must have good traffic support, good promotion and site optimization in more suitable for operation of this kind of website, the disadvantage is less income, unstable, traffic sources mainly rely on search engines.

. group forum, etc.Third step: ?

4, do QB class, and now do this or more popular, in fact, also regarded as SMS class advertising, according to the number of times back to count money, count to the head of the station is 1-2 yuan, each

UUSEE to www.wanmeng horse www.heima8 m.union.kingsoft Jinshan WebUnion… But black data than others. Don’t know what happened. We choose..

? …

the second step: use a variety of methods to promote the site such as SEO, soft,


· capital

exchange chain, LINKPAGE, 7CLI>


The first kind of

these sites do not require very high traffic, only need high quality flow can earn money, income is considerable, and is also the most promising future to make money online, for a certain product advantage webmaster operation.

3, ZCOM magazine download, this is 2-3 Mao, a download, the effect is fairly general. But also depends on the quality of the alliance..

this site mainly for certain users to provide premium services, such as consulting, training, the VIP member, provide technical service and so on earnings. The characteristics of low cost, income is also very impressive. For a certain skilled webmaster operation. For example, SEO business base belongs to the training services for profit forum.

2, UUSEE client download, 1.5 yuan each, the user activates. Do this alliance has a lot of, the same advertising position, the same return flow of data is not the same… Many of my friends have done this, but generally receive the money after the withdrawal, do not know is that users do not like to see the alliance the amount deducted too hard!

website profit problem, I think every webmaster are most concerned about the issue, most of the webmaster do stand is to make money, even some people do stand as your career. Today the black brother talk about webmaster friends how to find a suitable network model to make money.

2, shop, sell goods

1, website, engage in traffic, advertising

is to rely on advertising to profit as the main way to

I love SP SMS on payment of Union: all sky for about 5%, 22 points to 24 points up more than 11%. But the guide and guide well. Income is high, not only will ease well mixed


sells some of the local specialty, local special products, as long as there is a price advantage, channel advantage is a good choice.

first we talk about the current site of the main three kinds of profit model.

service based way of profit

reminder: this money is more and more difficult, more stable, more and more no prospect of.

: a commodity

tip: This article from the original black brother founded the SEO entrepreneurial base, please retain the copyright information.

second is to sell products website or shop

6, really do not have to hang poison,.1 million IP80-100 yuan, but the flow will be less and less.. also will be N many people greetings mother? Not recommended to do ah,

The first step of

with a strike at the end of 2009, this kind of website basically no living space, here to remind an entry-level webmaster, away from this kind of website types.

download, entertainment, games, film and television music website.

, one of several mainstream model to make money for personal webmaster

alliance advertising to make money such as shlf1314, sh419 alliance, Ali mother and

movie station traffic is coming fast, but advertising is not good to do…

1, SP, SMS ad first choice, but now the good alliance is not easy to find: the current channel is unstable, the user is also unstable uplink

class Q coins well, the effect really can only say… Before song several Union are doing this… Such as U.91IVR and a 51.LA

ZCOM can be done to the above said three, can also go to a new league www.nnwm this is UUSEE.. But I did not see… But there are a few friends in, nor ask them not receive any money… But this price is 3 cents… why the other 2 of his 3 wool wool we measured.

5, do the exchange chain, sell points… This is suitable for large flow of webmaster do…

can be outsourced to a professional marketing company to help you.

has sorted out some alliances and everyone can try to do…