Grassroots cosmetics entrepreneurs are self – reflective committing all the mistakes they can maket

interest I can say is very extensive, one after another I ran in these cosmetics shop business.

my idea is simple: you can make more money by opening a shop. Then I do join mode is also very clear, all the stores are in my shop signs, then, all the stores of goods are supplied from me, I don’t want them to join in a fee, I mainly rely on to supply them and make money, I think this pattern all to look all right.

for 02 years, the time when you do make money, you will naturally want to earn more money, so I went to 02 years opened three stores, I decided to expand the franchise to expand their scale.

if you want to get financing, the depth of thinking, enforceability, and the future of the imagination are important.

was driving a cosmetics shop cost twenty thousand or thirty thousand, I do not have large principal, so looking for relatives to borrow money, then go to a few counter, and went out to a credit point of my goods, cosmetics shop in Hubei opened a small town. In fact, at that time did not think what business model the management team at that time in the County Township, there is no such cosmetics shop, so I easily accumulate a sum of money, the annual income of one million, may not reach, but five, six hundred thousand can be reached.

"for a great product, the user experience and the corresponding market value, from the moment the product was born, has left the gene."." Although this is a popular view of the investment community, most VC will continue to conduct a global discussion with you, focusing on the process and path of your product and future decisions. In the popular rapid iteration of today, entrepreneurs launch a not too many features of the product can also be simplified, but if you want to get financing, the depth of thinking, Demo products contain executable and imagine the future is very important. If a company’s product managers are not clear about the value of the product logic, if a company’s product managers are beginning to worry, the company is not far from the death.

even so, I still love my role as an investor and the value of this role in social development. Return to the subject. If the entrepreneur is in the following circumstances, feel shy and avoid seeing him.

investors or brokerages usually carry out due diligence, so they will eventually understand the competition you face. The more help you provide in this field, the more positive and efficient their due diligence will be. You should have a clear understanding of your product and know how to find a niche for the product. When the entrepreneur answers that there is no competition, it is a big risk signal for investors.

start: do everything to make money,

introduction: Yu Tao, he was once a millionaire, most of the time has dozens of cosmetics store in Hubei small town, but after the operation mistake so that he suffered a serious setback loss of millions of dollars. The afternoon sun of Beijing was soft, but his story was full of twists and turns. He said that the failure has been several years, but the mistakes committed by the traditional entrepreneurs, he almost all committed, and today said it just want to allow more people to think about. Following is Yu Tao readme:

my business has broken through since then and started in the wrong direction at this time. At that time my mentality was to make a profit. So, when my shop’s reputation is good. I decided to let go of the franchise, and did not want to go straight shop, so I was doing more than 40 stores at a breath, the expansion rate is very fast.

I do have this

I started my business in 92. Can not be called entrepreneurship, can only be called working. At that time, because the family was poor, rural children, early reading a high with a relative out cosmetics shop, is behind the counter, almost for one or two years, still do not earn too much money, so I decided to come out to open a cosmetics shop.

if I want to invest in a company, we will go to the company, not contact with the boss, but with the product manager of this company’s dialogue, a product has no wisdom determines its business model to have much. Internet products only from tools to services, from the Internet to extract wisdom and to serve users, can have greater commercial value.

1, the positioning of competitors in the same industry is not clear,

joined at the start of the first year of the effect is very good, I was in sales to reach about 10000000, this time, I think I have done a good job, so I have to spend energy to do many other things.

‘s role as an investor and entrepreneur, I feel awkward, sometimes talking to myself. I will ask myself before I have time to entrepreneurs talks, even thinking about a problem, I ask myself the question answer not to come up, if opposite entrepreneurs can not answer, I still let it pass through dialogue also entrepreneurs also get answers? I often suspended between investors and entrepreneurs, to find their own position.

you can use a PPT listed era is over, the new board is not ok. Brokerage firms in the listed market are becoming more and more rigid, so that investors and founders must have a clear understanding of their own stage. Where is your short board? What are your strengths? In fact, investors are more difficult and demanding than entrepreneurs.