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for sports events, and is divided into three areas, one is the event operations, a tournament play, or one of the most important events is IP resources, especially large-scale sports competition is fierce, such as star studded NBA, the European Football League. But for sports this fat, entrepreneurs due to the financial strength of the weak, basically can only stand watching giants snatch market.

recently announced eBay, PR advertising alliance, eBay registered advertising product prices, guide a valid registered users will receive 13 yuan of commission.

Tencent will spend $500 million in money from the hands of sina get NBA exclusive network broadcast rights, the Tencent sports took the huge traffic entrance, only from the user APP sports Tencent, a vertical class sports channel, the number of users has been ranked in the mobile information platform. Tenth. However, from the point of view of the ecological layout of the Internet sports industry, Tencent has not yet diversified development, but with the aid of top event copyright, to further tap its industrial value.

, a sports field, basic entrepreneur can only stand giants all drool with envy

in October 2014, the State Council issued the "on accelerating the development of the sports industry to promote a number of opinions" of sports consumption and sports industry will set the tone for the green and sunrise industry, and to determine the total size of the sports industry in 2025 more than 5 trillion yuan "target. However, the current scale of sports industry in the domestic market is far less than 5 trillion yuan, in the promotion of the Internet plus, the domestic Internet sports is ushered in the overall outbreak, a time of Internet sports industry to become official told us, everybody wants to bite. Whether it is Ali, Tencent, music and other Internet giants, or entrepreneurs, capital markets have flocked to this field.

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from April 1, 2007, eBay eBay CPA products pay per month according to the number of valid registered users.

· advertising fee settlement: $13 / valid registration

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as for music, sports, is the current Internet sports companies in the most rapid development of a company. August 2012 LETV sports channel just launched in 2014, the music as the sport became an independent subsidiary, in 2016 April, LETV sports has completed 8 billion yuan B round of financing, valuation reached 21 billion 500 million yuan. In the major event areas, as music also regardless of Hao throw 400 million U. S. dollars, won the next three years Hongkong Premier League copyright, but as the music sports is committed to the whole sports industry chain ecological layout, event operations, content broadcast

Wanda as a traditional property group, its layout in the sports industry has been a long time. As early as 94 years, Wanda took the Dalian Chinese record football team, the establishment of Dalian Wanda football club. Wanda has been in the overseas market, a large number of mergers and acquisitions of quality sports companies, teams and events, and the territory of its sports empire layout. In 2015, Wanda investment has acquired the Swiss infront sports media group, World Triathlon Corp WTC, Madrid sports club sports club and other heavyweight companies, Wanda is trying to build a huge sports ecological system.