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has 15 companies that have failed to disclose their annual reports in the 28 companies that have broken records. It is worth noting that, in these 28 companies that have "broken faith" history, there are 9 positive response, good performance of the company successfully take off "break faith" hat.

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April 28, 2016, the Supreme Court issued "on the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation" Joint Disciplinary dishonest debtor, the 44 departments of the Supreme People’s court, the Commission for illegal debtor dishonesty disciplinary measures to reach a consensus on the implementation of the joint.

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, the debtor and the dishonest debtor is the legal representative of the actual controllers, directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of the unit, as a key regulatory target, strengthen daily supervision, improve the proportion of random sampling and frequency, the Supreme Court said, according to the relevant laws and regulations on.

share transfer system for the first time on the importance of honesty, as early as in the last trading day of 2016, the share transfer system issued "on the implementation of the joint disciplinary measures to break the regulatory body of Q & a", shares of the company to limit breaking the Joint Disciplinary object listed in the stock transfer system, financing, in addition to breaking the Joint Disciplinary object shall not as the listed company directors, stock issuance, major asset restructuring, acquisitions and other matters will be restricted.


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new three board online statistics found that as of June 20, 2017, the new three board a total of 28 companies have broken records, including 2 innovative layer companies.

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June 14, 2017, the stock transfer system issued a "6.14 credit record love day, focusing on the integrity of the capital market archives" announcement, but also caused the capital market credit attention.

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since December 30, 2016 issued the "Q & a", the new three board dishonesty regulation has become increasingly normalized. In fact, as early as June 14, 2016, the Golden Eagle 832490 became the first listed company to announce dishonesty.

as the saying goes, "who does not stand, no letter of fashion industry". Honesty is the cornerstone of the healthy development of the capital market. If there is lack of integrity and fraudulent issuance, it will destroy the stability of the capital market.

as of June 20, 2017, new board on a total of 28 companies have broken faith history, including 2 innovative layer company, and another 15 companies did not disclose annual reports.

, by the Supreme People’s court announced dishonest debtor including natural person and unit, the issuance of corporate bonds, corporate bonds is limited, the situation is serious for dishonesty debtor, limit the acquisition of listed companies.

Bo shares "dishonesty insurance", the IPO application is accepted