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I don’t place too much credit on qualifications. I think practical experience is more important. Specifically, to find a understand server, switch and router, firewall and virtual technology such as a computer at the same time to support two completely independent users, systems or procedures and so on, and people with relevant work experience. I’ll ask the candidates what computers they use at home. If they just say "DELL" instead of talking about the processor, memory, and operating system, they’re not the people you’re looking for.

; Taobao customers, I have been very valued Taobao customer, because I also do their own, but also profit, the Taobao off the way I still recommend doing mall shops, a website only do them a product, this ranking is easier to go up, as long as you do sh419 optimization. Choose the word stick, will make money, the key is that many novice could not insist, always want to do this to make money the money, have the time to spend some time doing projects as the ranking is really a little personal webmaster must recognize themselves, first understand and know oneself have much ability. I’m doing Taobao customers that many webmaster are directly open the website he jump to the promotion of the shop inside, I personally do not love it, because it is not good for the user experience, sh419 K is sooner or later, so I hope to do Taobao guest friends choose a good program, for example good blog program.


third: their website, improve website PR, which requires a certain event, the general PR3 station 10-15 yuan, a station can sell 50 or so, you can do a few stations, and then use the money to buy PR to upgrade their PR in the station to sell this is also a good method, but the relatively long cycle a little, because shlf1314 PR to about 3 months to update a.

give to IT candidates?

finally, looking for someone with all the experience of desktop support, networking, and systems management to understand the IT infrastructure in order to do a better job. I also value the candidate’s knowledge of different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and hardware, which shows him


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he wants to be technically geek and has high EQ and smooth communication with CEO.

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I will ask the candidate to configure a computer for the company and install and configure the software according to the company’s standards at the end of the interview. This test can help me to assess whether the candidates have a long-term vision and global view, I hope my IT employees in addition to the technical ability, but also focus on support and maintenance, technology licensing and other possible future needs. If they propose improvements and updates on our status quo, I think it will be worth further investigation.

fourth: dedicated to build a program forum, and then use the money to buy some of the procedures on the inside, and then let the people registered to spend money to download, I see the Internet among several do, 50 yuan free download, the need to invest some money early, late to do promotion for.

is now a lot of personal webmaster have formed a small team or studio, and some previously successful stationmaster opened his own Internet Co, then some personal Adsense on the Internet and how to successfully make money, here are some easy mode for personal webmaster.

in either case, one day you’ll find that having a full-time IT staff is no longer a luxury, but a necessity". According to the survey of small and medium-sized enterprises with global user IT management platform of Spiceworks company, the high-tech companies, usually in employee development to 20 when you need a professional IT personnel; non tech companies can usually wait until the number of employees more than 70 professional staff and hire IT.

pay attention to when hiring the first IT employee?

if you ask this question, you have encountered such a situation: the companies who ask each other to ask, to solve the problems such as network printers and hardware and software, is a waste of time; or, in the collapse of your operating system, responsible for setting up the system of IT outsourcing employees are on vacation.

: second place on the website, found that many of the webmaster or love do local portal or classified information station, in fact this chance of success is very small, first you have no money on advertising popularity second you don’t have a marketing team, basically advertising is someone’s telephone sales out, my advice is do some small places such as the home network or wedding network, a year advertising revenue should not be difficult.

What kind of tests should ?

on the Internet there are many websites for individuals to do, as long as you try to find it, you also don’t think the team will succeed, also can appear a lot of problems and contradictions in the team, everyone do their own website on the line. In addition, tell you is not to make money early and tired of their own body, the beginning can not be anxious, it is necessary to slowly.

What details should

so, how to determine whether the technical department candidates qualified for this job? We consulted the Massachusetts Waltham a nursing service company Care IT and production operations department senior director Nathan Brown, he describes the detailed recruitment process.