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all we have to do is find the product and sell it at a slightly lower price than the official price. For example, the official is 280 yuan a box, and we’ll mark it as 260 yuan a box. The advantage of this is that the buyer will find your product when searching for the product. You are lower than the official price, so you will definitely buy it here.

car business

is to do so, Taobao customers can do not propaganda, not promotion, you can receive money. Then the key to this model is finding exclusive products.


here, to Taobao shop to do Taobao customers this model to introduce.


, segmentfault, at this time, the car dealer through this course, taini Journal iPad platform, man socks, her life, broadcasting, community applications.

bluntly, is our own shop to sell, need to promote those Taobao products.

project: 4S shop solution SCRM system, provide the 4S shop WeChat Customer Relationship Management SCRM solutions to the public number, car service, customer relationship management, WeChat public solutions SCRM, has gradually become the automobile intelligent service system, the main leader of the car mobile life platform.

and find the method is very simple, that is, in the mother of Ali’s single product promotion, which searches for more than 40% Commission products, or commissions more than 50 yuan of products, and then the search results meet the requirements


use Taobao as Taobao custom shop, Taobao is actually using this platform to carry out the sale of products, that is to say, we don’t have to go to the publicity, don’t have to go to the website, do not own to delivery, as long as we can find the product can make money.

when buyers buy, you just use the trumpet to connect with your Taobao link to the official purchase and send it to the buyer. And the money you earn is the Taobao commission.

only so that they do not have publicity, only the product shelves can be, because of two reasons, first, this product is exclusive, and the owner will conduct propaganda through various methods, these flows will have. Second, the majority of these customers will search for products of the same name, and your price is lower than the official, then you will definitely buy here.

for example 280 yuan product commission is 40%, that is 112 yuan, if you sell 260 yuan, then you get is 260 yuan plus 112 yuan, in the removal of 280 yuan is equal to 92 yuan. That is, to sell a single is 92 yuan of income.

specific industry roots, strong executive power, coupled with pigs can blow up the wind, it is worth looking forward to. A number of VC in depth contact, estimated recently will have financing news:

general procedure is the first mom in a single product promotion to force into a relatively high proportion of products is profits products and then the various information products released to their Taobao store sales.

the key to this approach is the product. This product must be exclusive, that is, there is only one shop selling products on Taobao. This product is basically the store’s own OEM products, such as OEM diet pills, acne cream, and so on.

The top 8 are !

, that is to say, we intercepted the traffic advertised by the owner. All we have to do is to lower the price.

Hello I’m searching, a friend asked me if I do not do Taobao shop in Taobao

a few days ago introduced the China new media Entrepreneurship Competition finals of the top 20 projects, and please guess the final victory of the top three. The results are announced today. Four, segmentfault, the car dealers through this course, taini iPad magazine platform, including 3 right person or a number of bandits analyzed the reasons, mainly I provided limited information, and try to provide information more comprehensive. Today, I sorted out the 8 materials and made some comments. Welcome to join us.

bandit comments: This is a local Hangzhou project, as ever code farming prefer programmers community. Quite fresh and concise style, 3 after 85, 90 after the founder, otaku understand otaku. They launched the "hacker marathon", already in <

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bandit comments: this project is a project in Shenzhen, CEO is the founder of the original owner of the house, in the area of Southern China automobile industry has ten years of accumulation, the original is in the use of WEB1.0 in the way of operation, also made considerable achievements. The popularity of WeChat has led to a more efficient solution for the automotive industry. Based on WeChat’s business began a period of time, want to make money faster, but only recently, more and more entrepreneurs and specific industries combine, and rooted in specific industries.

Project Profile: SegmentFault is a Chinese developers’ Q & a community which provides developers with efficient problem solving platforms. Word of mouth network founded by former employees, after nearly a year of development, attracting a large number of programmers, the rapid development in the field of mainstream programming! At the same time the SegmentFault team has been involved in and held more than 10 class hacker marathon! SF held hackathons have received so much attention in the world, with many contestants this platform to know a lot of friends, and find the investment technology partner