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public data and traffic, that is, leading to a lot of traffic owners do not want to adopt Ali mom advertising system one of the reasons. This flow of data and statistical data of each page and will glance advertising exposure in front of all advertisers and see! This is very beneficial for advertisers, they can be compared according to these data and a large number of other sites advertising the actual transaction price, to decide whether to choose to advertise here! Believe it will become the best choice for advertisers on the Ali Mama advertising

again is: through Ali mother advertising system greatly reduces the intermediate links and transaction costs, so that advertisers and their cheap publicity prices to obtain a large number of advertising positions.

operators to shop online, master the skills online shop has become a pressing matter of the moment. How to manage the shop, how to let the shop business is booming, which has been the concern of the operators have to shop online. The key is two points, one is how to find a good supply of goods, is two the promotion of research skills. The author has been engaged in the online shop experience, and operators often discuss with each other, also gives some suggestions to help the owner, hope to help more friends shop. Plus I can not understand 381713669 professional guide novice shop, kanenori package.

Deng Kun is a worker, the use of spare time to open a shop on the net, do not need to spend too much time in the shop management, and business is good, there is no supply and promotion of Dai Lei business shop the shop customers or a lot, there are a lot of natural profit. Deng Kun and Dai Lei shop mode is not the same, Deng Kun’s store business model is not the owner to find sources, the system can be connected to the famous shopping website of hundreds, and most of them are well-known brand shopping sites, give customers more choice in online shopping. To save a lot of owner the time and effort. But the shop is not to manage sales, is a business solution.

buys an ad that costs thousands of people, and costs tens of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars every thousand people see the ad cost of your ad. There the mom makes small website trading pattern, open and clear! As long as you want to trade through the trading system of advertising Ali Mama, Ali’s mother will glance at your website data all open

, the author of the shop for the supply of goods and promotion skills in two aspects, in the form of cases for everyone to explain, so that we all more clearly understand,.

after listening to Dai Lei, was very troubled, how to find sources of goods and their supply of ah, also not very familiar with their clothes shop or buy back. Don’t own the shop because there is no good sources would be closed? And the promotion of the shop, and what type of publicity, how in order to better promote the skills of the shop, he also was not clear. The online shop is not very understand what Dai Lei finally had to close the shop closing.

some of the site since the release date, to rally, love joined the ALEXA alliance to improve the world ranking of each brush, then exaggerate your site traffic, known as the new opening soon reached IP on thousands of tens of thousands of members, like, in order to show off! Related advertising price hundreds to several thousand around next week! Sent salesman. Given the high commission, everywhere to traditional unit blowing sell advertising

Dai Lei use of leisure time, the shop selling clothes online, also hope to be able to earn pocket money. When business shop began, Dai Lei also confidently said to a friend, your shop will make money. But a month later, Dai Lei found that the root of his shop is no more a few customers. Not to mention shopping. See friends in the shop, told Dai Lei that his shop is not what features, but also some style of dress is also very common. Very monotonous to the customer, the supply problem is the key, if it doesn’t solve, is impossible to have a good business at the same time. Online publicity is very important, only the propaganda shop out, in order to allow more people to go shopping, the correct promotion techniques to achieve a multiplier effect. What all don’t do, just waiting for the customer the door, are not what the students .


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