Chengdu back Sichuan entrepreneurial team push download to get tens of millions of investmentBeijing

, push the download from Beijing Investment Guide Technology Co. Ltd, which is a veteran of the mobile communication service company, its founder Li Jiayu is a famous TV show "you" Boss group of guests, the individual owns three mobile Internet Co, nearly 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. When it comes to investing in downloads, Li Jiayu jokingly says, "because Chengdu is so much fun and fun, I want to give myself a reason to come to Chengdu regularly."".

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Liu Xianyun is a typical coastal Sichuan Sichuan IT venture, before 2008, Liu Xianyun has been in Shenzhen, founded the company had annual income of over ten million, after the 512 Wenchuan earthquake returned to his hometown to venture, founded in Sichuan in the era of science and technology company, from the 1 person company development to nearly 50 people, from 0 income do the annual turnover of 10 million, the best time for the industry development of earthquake put the company into the trough in 2012 the Company re established to "push download" as the core of the mobile Internet advertising business, half the time the rapid accumulation of millions of users, attracted tens of millions of investment.

company’s core technical team gathered from YAHOO 263 networks, the Internet industry elite, as a member of the Internet industry, the number of search is very concerned about the development of the Internet industry and its own efforts; hope through technical innovation, to provide professional investigation and review platform for Internet users!

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It is reported that

told reporters recently, Chengdu is a "push download" poineering project success of a company in Beijing million level of investment, the project team is mainly engaged in mobile Internet advertising business, for investment in 2013 Chengdu’s first team in the field of mobile Internet advertising. Subsequently, the reporter from the download operation of the Party Sichuan times Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Liu Liang confirmed that the news. Liu Xianyun said that the investment has been fully in place, within a month from the completion of the contact to the capital in place of the entire investment process. Mention of this investment are so efficient, Liu Xianyun said the investment is a fancy push download entrepreneurial team efficient execution and pioneering spirit, he and his team took only half a year, the successful accumulation of millions of mobile Internet users; on the other hand, investors are very optimistic about the future development of the mobile Internet, and Chengdu this "IT treasure" is unlimited potential.

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indeed, investment may not be a city of the external environment to play a decisive role, but in the recent media stir fled North Canton to second tier city to the entrepreneurial environment, Chengdu mobile Internet business more and more obvious advantages, September 2012 Chengdu new district government established the mobile Internet as the next five to ten years the development plan, and issued a series of policies, also set up 80 million angel investment fund as the mobile Internet Guide funds, plans to move in the next ten years, the Internet industry reached 100 billion, there are developers sh419 cloud technology center, touch technology, Dolphin Browser and other enterprises in Chengdu, but also like Jane interactive music, download this push the entire company to Chengdu.

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