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in many webmaster is aiming at the weakness of human nature is easier to make money with this phenomenon, the webmaster of social responsibility is contrary. The present commercial website problems, including pornography, violence, profanity, exposure of privacy, is a common feature is the use of human weakness, to attract people to click on the Internet can’t help, increase the click rate, so as to achieve the purpose of making money to illegal business, money greed.

some website operators said that they meet the weakness of human nature, rather than the use of human weakness, this is not considered a lie. The relationship between the Internet in the web site and, in a strong position, the dissemination of information, also in the output values. Currently on the Internet pornographic websites more incredible, there are a lot of these sites to people especially young people with a wrong idea: since the existence of these sites, is reasonable. Therefore, must be clear: the website as a media, in fact is a part of social education, must take social responsibility.

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rapid development of the Internet, a good side and a bad side urges us to consider the relationship between network and human nature: the network as a tool for human beings, in the operation and use of the process, not only can the human light amplification, bring more light and power, but also can bring more human side to enlarge, dark and confusion.

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comply with the law, integrity office station. We are a new generation of stationmaster bounden duty. For those who ignore the law, with the weakness of human nature always carrying a strange mind and never stand up. Finally, I hope that everyone less impetuous and greed, more sense and responsibility in Internet security.

, China’s telephone business network, is a "pay per call" advertising model. The different characteristics with other advertising, "China telephone business network advertising display to people is the business phone, if the customer clicks on the ad links, not into the business site, but a merchant’s business profile page. Visitors can call or leave messages with the merchants through the "China telephone business" on the page, and discuss business and contacts.

Chinese telephone business network officially landed linktech!!!

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what is the weakness of human nature and the dark side? Is the reason and conscience are physical impulses overcome the performance: such as greed, lust, evil, filth, jealousy, hatred, endless deceit, treachery, arrogance and lack of pity. This leads to negative, sluggish or even crime, and good quality of human advocates such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control, draw further apart.

love. Do unto you. The two golden laws and precious rules of interpersonal relationship can be used in the practice of office network civilization. We want to make money for those weaknesses of Web site operators and editors to ask a question: do you want your family, especially parents, spouses and children on this website? If you do not want to, you should not take the initiative to do this website.

use of human weakness to make money is not terrible, terrible is regarded by many people as usual. In fact, some of the most famous commercial website, also with the diversion of the picture to attract hits. Some industry insiders do not care about this. Some fairly regular web site, but also in some small corner to hide some approximate yellow things, and some network people tacitly "interaction", not to mention those illegal "naked chat" website. A man thinks airtight.

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