8 years old stationmaster goes all the way portraiture

personally contacted the network in 97 years, to be exact, it should be 97 years in November. Because my first computer was in summer 97 years to assemble their own, CPU is 233, then in 99 years to upgrade to Celeron 300A, this is the most classic CPU, can be overclocked to 450, the hard disk is quantum Bigfoot 2.5G. 98 years of contact network, applied for its own QQ number, is the 7 digit.

first access to the Internet in my home is a telecommunications business office opened an Internet cafe, the Internet fee is 1 hours, 8 yuan. At that time, I just took part in the work for a long time, earning more than 400 yuan a month. A total of 8 Internet cafes machine, open the IE browser is very confused, do not know what to do? See a search on the IE toolbar to open, try to search the "Sohu" website, then you know this website. When the search is not so good now, because it is not clear whether the "Sohu" which is a specific two words? So the search for nearly 5 minutes also did not make a web page to the Internet: (thanks to the salesperson to help find a "Sohu" web site, see the site after the site that has its own address. He notes in his phone book. At that time the computer does not install anti-virus software, the Internet does not have so many viruses, because that is the majority of personal websites are still using pure static pages, there is no background, updated content to be done manually page by page.

first website in 2000, at that time because of work to a remote place to work for two years, so I spent 10 days learning Raiders FrontPage, and made a personal website called bugs bunny (less than 10 pages), is the 533 in Zibo for free space. At that time, the website was simply for convenience of contact with the family, because there was a message book on it. The first domain is what have forgotten early, because it was found to a new location, here there is no several Internet cafes, but not the Internet, so there is no way to estimate the maintenance, soon to be closed.

second website is on my return to the work units now from the border town after do, because the open Internet cafes in the Internet bar in 2004, followed by a group of friends to play "Fantasy Westward Journey", before playing the "legend", and later because of various reasons in Taoist practice to 32 classes after practice no, still retains the. In 2005, playing "Fantasy Westward Journey" for some time, I know that fantasy coins can change card point, and very hot. A number in the practice to 30 classes after basically do not buy cards, used to play games to earn fantasy coins can change the cards, the level reached 60 or more is can earn 3 a 150 point card every day, level to level 90 or above is not to mention. At the beginning of 2006 suddenly thought, if you can build a website on which fantasy currency trading must be very popular, because there is no dream currency trading site, these fantasy coins can only change cards, there is no way to replace the RMB, high level, fantasy coins earn more did not have what use. So >