District forum rapid development, increase popularity, five points of experience

residential forum, especially with a certain size of large areas, in fact, is like a microcosm of local forums. At present, the city in the district more and more large, the number of users living there often can reach more than five thousand, some even reached more than 10000 scale, the number of users to provide basic operation of community forum. While the surrounding large areas of rich basic necessities of life and other life service business, provides a rich source of advertising to the community forum, community forum has become an important source of profits; of course, in addition, the forum also has other small profit model.


user source and profit model based on sources, community forum has increasingly attracted the attention of the webmaster, especially those living in large area within the station users, by virtue of their life convenience and building experience advantage, the establishment and operation of this area forum. I noticed this opportunity, also in operating their own residential forum, in the process of operation of a few years has accumulated a lot of experience, this is the condition of all parts of the country with the webmaster to share, I hope everyone can in this new blue ocean Amoy to gold. Today, the key to share is the initial stage of the station, how to make the district forum rapid development, increase the popularity of the five skills experience.

one, with the help of community management platform to promote BBS

early in the site, in order to faster promotion of the forum, so that more community residents know the presence of the forum, and joined in, relying solely on a person’s strength, obviously limited effect. At this moment we should actively help the greater the power of the platform, especially the residential property management platform, and good relations with them, to do public relations work, so that they allow the district forum propaganda messages posted to the various floors of the notification bar, and the webmaster should publicize the information of the language and form of doing innovative, can cause residential tenants interest, to attract them to join the forum, so that we can have a multiplier effect.

two, with interest as a link to organize community activities

in the early promotion of forum, is mainly by means of the power lines down, with the line to line, online until the discussion atmosphere reached a certain degree and then participate in after online reaction to the next line, form the benign interaction. The line of force is to organize various community activities actively, to basketball, badminton, football, chat, forum, surrounding tourism, driving and other various forms as a link, and calls for the residents of the organization to participate in a variety of different topics, different theme activities, to recommend to everyone in the community forum activities as the photos, publishing platform, so as to enhance the influence of the Forum Forum campaign, so as to promote the promotion in the area of users in the forum.

three, set up a forum management team

The biggest advantage of the

forum is that its interaction and participation are very strong. It is very difficult to maintain and promote the forum only by one person’s strength, and the effect is not satisfactory. By >