want to say loudly for girls and only sell do not sell technology station

"XXXX yuan, if you provide lifetime service, you can consider", today, a customer once again mentioned such a type of words.

my heart has a nameless fire, the fire is not the gas customers, but on his hair.

has been doing websites for 9 years, writing ASP for 6 years, doing eBay, Taobao sales, customer service for 4 years. These experiences have trained me two skills, one is to be honest on the Internet, and the other is how to identify fraud. Now these are not done, and now just want to sell online I have accumulated a long history of technology and experience, do not want to spend a little money on their own lifetime. I hate myself, why the integrity see so important? As long as the promise that you can pick the next list, because adhere to the nihilism of integrity, if I promise lifelong service, the horse according to my character and temperament, earnest call will be, as you sell yourself so, never promised lifelong service. So the business is so yellow.

Admin5’s "http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-116-1.html" has a lot of articles to expose cheaters, and people who read these articles are likely to be directed to two extremes.

one is learning deceptive experience and developing into a liar. One is learning fangpian experience and make themselves more honest. I am the kind of back, I hate myself why, can not be the kind of front, in order to live again, and promised what?. But I watched the business yellow, dare not make a promise, we talk about whether it is too cowardly, in fact, I worry about which day is unhappy, and no longer ignore the customer, so that someone must say I am a liar.

I’m not destined to make a fortune. Because I do everything by interest, as long as happy, do not give money to do, as long as unhappy, do not do the money. The abominable thing is that I only have two states of pleasure and displeasure, so I don’t have to do any money or give money.

for so many people, including King Wang, have educated me, making money is the first, and only earn money to do other things.

so I wandered into the triangle of money, responsibility, honesty, and lost myself. So I was troubled for a long time and thought for a long time.

feel stationmaster seeking technology with the girls find the object as full of crisis: the real liar may be with you talk very speculative, like a lady-killer want to cheat girls go to is a reason, first with the words fill you get dizzy, then disappeared.

even promised to give you a solemn pledge of love, life, how can you promise to be said of a couple of


, maybe some petty words now make you feel taken advantage of, Paul allowed once you pay immediately after find fooled. Because the real smart liar and satyr, like you really fooled