How to become an excellent website construction, sales (middle)

, the previous article roughly wrote about what conditions needed to be sold as a website, and also outlined some of the key points for talking with customers. Today, what is the difference between all websites and construction companies? How do you negotiate business at different levels of website construction?.

into the company’s new business need to understand one thing in your company is at what level, such as Shanghai for example, the site construction company for small and medium-sized companies, small companies signing amount at 3000-8000 yuan, such as the level of the company as a salesman which you have to do the number to sign the bill rather than quality, and fast, to achieve fast mining new customers signing fast. The first to talk about small companies signing, the first program to prepare a set of "universal" version of the program for universal version, is a change of name, change column, change under the price you can send that small solutions to clients, the content is mostly function introduction and offer some of the website. It is very important now, small companies do most of the options written for WORD, appearance is very poor, too much text, customers which have so much time to see you write a long and minute statement ah, so I suggest to use PPT to make a plan, the content is secondary to the beauty of the program must be better, in general the good points of the website construction companies have a mature website construction scheme, to create their own if your company is not able to provide these conditions, use PPT familiar with some of the animation. Such PPT program, such as whether to go to the customer company to explain, or let customers read their own, will give you a lot of points, the signing rate increased.

as a small company clerk will analyze customers, first of all, on the phone to the customer demand to dig out some questions such as: does your company have for this web project budget and time limit? This is a problem that the customer can set over 2 important what is the customer information is an acceptable price, one is to do the site urgent, if time is tight, the past talk can be a good sign, if you do not worry that some trouble. Small company clerk must pay a little attention to not blindly hard, what is hard is not blind, what customers are going to see, to see the customer first and customers with QQ chat, to understand the specific circumstances after ready to go for winning, why not what customers have seen it first of all, a little of your time is limited, see a client want at least half a day, if not the intention of great clients to go is a waste of time and money, but also affect their mood, do not put customers as fathers for their low three four, it is the primary salesman most easily vexed mistakes for customers, will run away, if you take this attitude to see the customer is difficult to sign a large amount of the list, sign back is full to the list, it would be no fun tired and not to earn money. You must make it clear that the client wants you to help them to complete the website, we are going to help them, the cooperation is equal, they ask me >