How does a part-time webmaster maintain the website security better

has been a webmaster for a few years, and a lot of webmaster chat, found many webmaster and I like, are double identity. When the webmaster is just his hobby, but also for their own more money, usually spend. My main business is a tour guide, when the spring time, with visitors from all over the country to appreciate because of his position, beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, they have a lot of tourist information, and know that many of the attractions limited concessions, they built their own tourism website. Peacetime travel off-season, carefully build my web site, watching their efforts, a little bit of reward themselves, but also a lot of people to exchange discussions, let me feel life is really substantial.

but I know that many webmaster like double identity and my master, when there is a most troubling thing is to travel or when they are particularly busy, always worried about their own website no one to manage and maintain. In fact, management is good, as long as there is time to send information, do not have to delay too much time, but security maintenance is not a simple thing,


on the one hand, but also work, on the one hand, but also the management and maintenance of the site, so that many webmasters are unable to eat, and get two of the things are not good. My site in the busy tourist season is also very safe operation, help me to make money, I can work at ease and can get me outside the block, it is very beautiful! Today, I will talk about how we do it two ways.

1 hire several people to help you maintain yourself. This method is our most common, but also many webmasters are using. But think about it, even if the security and maintenance services to 2 people to do their own out busy 2 months, we have to hire cheap students as our site assistant, a person at least a month to 500 yuan a month, add up to 2000 dollars to two people. If it’s a big website, maybe nothing, but our website doesn’t make much money every month. We don’t have much money in our pockets.

2, relatives and friends help. This method is good, no money can sit back. But you think carefully, debt than you spend money to also! Friends and relatives to help you, you always have to ask someone else to eat a meal, this is not what, if you go out to travel, always buy the gift! Spend less is cheap, but he is not expensive. Now society is not saying that human debt, money can not change ah,


3, find the authoritative server to maintain the site. This method not only can not spend a lot of money please people, not by debt, is the best way, but there are many generations of support on the web site, how to find a server Daiwei website is authority and the price reasonable? In fact, the method is very simple, you can ask to communicate on the Internet and the webmaster, they will tell you what the site is good, such as the A5 server agent ( website reputation is very good, service attitude and customer service are also good. Also, >