Owners can make Adsense network is the most potential for development

look at the three major domestic station, Chinaz, Admin5, im286, although only from the domain name Chinaz was fairly good, im286 from the flow is definitely the boss, but I think from the value of Admin5 is the biggest, because it can let the webmaster to make money, and figure the king’s heart has always been in the top, has been trying to to business, invest in a station or see a station, the key is to look at the development of the operator’s mind, it is important that compare the value of angel investment on this point.

and Admin5 from the operation mode, although deeply do private webmaster favorite, but it should also be extended to a wider range of operation, from the current view, to see how the operation in the "C" range, forever is not conducive to the development, with the lack of funds may have relations to learn the promotion and operation, Ali mother type, believe that the future is limitless, the flow of more than two other station is the point the day and await for it.

said that for so long, my objective is to sell a property in Guangzhou station, www.zz020.com station, traffic is not much, if you think the value of more than 10 thousand PR3, then you can contact me, station real estate profit model is very clear, the flow of operation is not difficult, difficult is to promote. Q:77045439

wish the king Admin5 better and better.

is the webmaster, don’t curse write it for myself, point mouth, less negative karma. Writing soft text is very high level. People will appreciate the soft higher level, have the ability to write what it is calling the level of a higher level than the soft soft to you, then you will be eligible to scold, like Li Ao, they have the ability, the ability level and many others.

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