The impact of the United States group, the movie ticket sales website, App, you are dangerous


Ding Ding / Wen

review: when a commercial mode of interest foundation, into another charge into the enemy ranks in the business model of the market tool, which means not only the profit model are labeled "the road" label, and even killed the former, but the latter is also not wrong to kill a grave.

hey hey ~ who is this saying,


yes, the ones that sell movie tickets, ~~

I do not know everybody in what way to buy movie tickets to go to the movies, but often in the ticketing hall to see a row of varying height, different colors of the ticket machine: Guevara, net ticket network, time network…… Not one by one. Then ask shunzui home another children’s, was told: "this year, unless it is otherwise because of who who buy full price tickets to see a movie! ~ ~

group purchase."

yes, it is said that this year 1~2 months, the national film audience exceeded one hundred million, the total box office of about 3 billion 750 million. Among them, the contribution to buy box office reached 445 million, more than 16 million people through the group to buy tickets. In other words, nearly 300 thousand people every day with all the buy numbers go to the cinema to exchange tickets.

is the group purchase, let originally carry all mortgages, car mortgage slave fame, pear mountain land in a second tier city in the dwelling of the young white collars, a new life may enjoy. The weekend, sleep up, and then spend ten yuan to buy two people meal, buy two Group buy movie tickets, see a movie, life seems to be fresh again.

it is because of this, Wang Xing said, "the U.S. group sales from 5 billion 500 million in 2012 to grow to 100 billion in 2015," if you compare us group ticket sales increased from 600 million in 2012 to 12 billion in 2015 "and" Chinese movie overall increased from 17 billion 900 million in 2012 to 30 billion in 2015, it is not is tell some fantastic tales "".

, but the United States group tomorrow, not equal to all tomorrow. More cruel point is, once the Group officially launched the "billion plan", and the movie tickets as the main tool to attract tourists, the movie ticket sales site, the rest of the App is likely to eventually die without the burial ground.

"come on, what do you mean by that?"


, don’t believe, on the surface, the delegation of the movie as a marketing tool, rather than a "profit center", that means the movie ticket business as long as the tie break, or even lose one or two dollars in, as long as can effectively attract users to repeat purchase, is still a deal pretty good. After all, when you buy the ten movie ticket, you buy one or two other shopping products occasionally.