Xu Deng nine ways to judge the advertising value and traffic of a website

Internet advertising also have a few years, there are many advertising companies to sell advertising every day, some of these resources is good, but most of them are cheat money, but also eat a lot of losses, Xu Deng here I would like to share their experience in Internet advertising. Here is the so-called debunk advertising company station.

1, the site Alexa and Chinarank rankings.

although Alexa can be false, if the Alexa traffic is not high, you can be eliminated.

2, has not been Google sitelink?.

Google sitelink station is the need for certain conditions, such as: in a specific search items ranked first, the internal structure of the clear, user behavior. And a keyword needs long-term stability first, general new station, grassroots station is not up to this effect, no sitelink can be directly eliminated by us.

3, the quality of friendship links.

and the station friendship link site PR, Alexa, etc., here also have to pay attention to whether the link station is channel page, some war channel page flow is not high, and willing to change links with others.

4, the quality of advertising on the station.

is usually high traffic, famous websites, usually pictures, ads are brand advertising, or direct launch of a product or service advertising. If a site is Google, Baidu pictures advertising alliance advertising that you carefully consider, generally only those small owners, or low flow station, in order to facilitate the administration of advertisement, only to do advertising alliance. If a station puts on such deceptive advertisements as you and QQ winning, you can refuse without hesitation.

5, the number of sites on the server.

usually traffic tens of thousands of IP stations are using independent servers, if the site has more than one site (not a station, multi domain name), such a site can also be kicked out. Remember, in August 7, a navigation site advertising agency and I talk to a domestic navigation network advertisement, before listening to friends that the effect of the navigation station is good, but advertisers say daily flow for millions, according to my inquiry, the station of PR was 7, Alexa was ranked number 400, look at this data very good, but the price for the advertising text chain 3W a month, consider the got, but the effect is not obvious. Later the advertiser also recommended to me a healthy type of website, a text chain 8000 yuan / month, the domain name is long and bad record, and PR Alexa, the ranking is very poor, the website also bragged about the pattern of unsatisfactory, the effect is very good, I hereby query the number of the station’s website on the server do not check out, do not know, was a change! On the server 10 to a site, done before the navigation station is above a IP on millions of site service.