Novice Adsense 1 months since the promotion experience

new site is faced with many difficulties, because the new search engine ranking is not very ideal, ready to do Wangzhuan owners don’t count on, so I felt I had to do more to promote your website, this should be a short time fast increase your website traffic way, have the flow on the talk rely on advertising to make money.

my site is the promotion of the game, I gave it a very interesting name: random crawl, URL is six full crawl:, the name is simple and fun very attractive.

first of all: at the beginning of the establishment of the station, I first use Almighty marketing to send their website information on the Internet, it should be said that it has achieved quite good results,

secondly: find some popular keywords on Baidu and Google, and then write some corresponding articles on your website. Down is to Baidu know, stick it, and YAHOO knowledge hall to submit your website advertising. Baidu post bar and know the management of relatively strict, not a hair on a lot of, to be even more, and did not send the most change your IP. If you can not submit the URL with advertising, I will leave your site name, mess crawl, if someone in the name of interest, will be to search engine to search. YAHOO knowledge hall tube is relatively not very strict, but also do not advocate hair without rest.

next to the blog to submit soft text, and then put the soft text also submitted to the Webmaster Station, ADMIN5, Donews, AI nets. At the same time, soft Wen writing must be original, a copy, or a piece of pseudo original soft Wen, promotion effect is certainly not good.

finally is the manual group, registered everywhere forum, signature, irrigation everywhere, plus QQ group, this work is very mechanical and tasteless. Sometimes not necessarily through the management of the edge of the audit. But be sure to stick to it.

do promotion and SEO purpose is the same, all in order to improve the flow of the site, for their own income. With income, you can go to your website to optimize.

random crawl: