New way of small portal, big stage, small portal, personal stationmaster

mentioned the portal website people will think of big Internet giant, they have talent with high quality management level, with strong capital, have generally do not have the resources advantage. Door owners for their own dominance in the industry, and constantly integrate resources and enclosure. For our individual stationmaster speaking, there seems to be no opportunity, to resources, no resources, money, no money.

market is a big cake, no one can eat all, the market needs to be subdivided and subdivided, for individual owners, as long as a good market segments, we can live a colorful. As Ma said, "elephants are not dead ants."". As long as we ants will use their own resources, combined with their own advantages, in a niche market, they can form their own advantages and resource barriers.

has met a friend before, and a website is for medical recruitment. I think everyone should know that this is a small industry recruitment center. May our webmaster friends do not think what the future, the industry is too small, the development potential is not, of course if you want to create a 51job I have nothing to say, if you just want to live more moisture, so the small portal we can also try to do. Low operating costs, obvious resource advantages in the industry. In the big gateway, there is no energy to take part in the market share a slice. If you have seen this website, you can probably know the level of profitability of this site.

personal energy is limited, many owners have done a lot of website, have a lot of time as well as the original copy and paste the so-called real money, but the owners do not expect too much. Most people are creating large amounts of Internet junk, repeating the content of the internet. It’s normal to be punished by a search engine, but we also have our own unique advantages. Why don’t we use it?

Where’s the advantage of


in my opinion, the webmaster’s Web technology level is uneven, but the site should have the quality and ability of the people, the overall quality of the webmaster, I always think is relatively high. We may not is not what programming technology, computer training, and because of that we have formed their own unique advantages. We may have been studying medicine, learning electrical, learning, management, and so on. We should know more about what we are studying or where we are. So do their own small portal in the industry, we can do is learn the ship a ship website, we are studying chemical engineering can do a chemical website, because our own advantages and understanding of the industry, a small portal should be familiar with. When the Internet is combined with traditional industries, enormous economic benefits can be generated.

for us to do personal website webmaster, for how to get traffic should be very clear, almost all the webmaster should have certain SEO and network promotion ability. This will allow us to obtain a certain amount of raw traffic. For future development >