Remind brothers, do stand, must find a good space providers

lessons remind brothers must find a good space business station, chat and friends also very happy this morning, because the core of the web site keywords Baidu from eighth into third, the heart must hold and move forward, to work for about 2 hours, which is more than 10 when suddenly that website can not enter, so QQ asked about the space business, customer service is very enthusiastic, busy call room, look at how to deal with, but then room call because they did not renew the company.


customer service call brother asked him mister, is said to have more than 10 mobile phone shutdown, still sleeping, call them and ask the company director (their boss classmates), the Y said no matter, mom, really irresponsible, but today, Baidu big update day, the server shut means when possible in Baidu big update grab, caught only the server closes the information web site does not exist, it means that the site is likely to be plucked or by K.

so, 11 I was very worried the pull friends ran to their company, but because we are taking the space and the city, to their company, the company who helped us on their fat boss, then put the pig to say good, get up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, when he ran the room to make money, to connect to the server, a scare.

but later when the query keyword ranking, and found out, Baidu snapshot, estimated that because this morning the server closes the reason, although the website keyword ranking from third to eighth. The effect is not large, but can give us some lessons.

to the brothers below to mention a few things to pay attention to space:

one, customer service,

when buying space, you buy not only the hard disk and traffic, and if the space providers do not have good customer service, and then the lower price is not worth a try. Your space business is easy to communicate, and has the ability to help you solve some technical problems, your online business is likely to succeed.

two, space online time guarantee

if you are an individual station, when may just make you feel unhappy. But if you are a business site, when it will bring a great impact. If you crash the space for a week, your business will lose almost. Once the server crashes, your advertising investment daleshuipiao. Therefore, the stability of the space you are prepared to buy is of top importance. The following 2 points should not be neglected:

1. of your

space service providers can provide online time guarantee? If he crashes, there is no emergency measures prepared? A reputable space service providers, should not only have emergency measures, should also be compensated for serious crash events (such as: a refund, or extension of space the use of time, or give a discount, etc..


2., if >