optimization, from the station, along the way Wangzhuan footprint

used in school every day with my classmates to go to Internet cafes, they are playing the game called journey to the west, I don’t love to play online games, will only play red alert. Think about how you have learned electronic commerce for several years. You can’t waste your time and money. You also delay your studies. By chance, I joined a group of pats in Hebei. I usually buy things in Taobao, want to open a shop, pat Network after the formal operation I immediately added, the good things I bought from Taobao to my pat shop, just turn over, and later because of contact with the community, gradually more, it with a few friends in the group together for the Hebei version, and when more than one year of the moderator. I know a lot of good friends on that one. We’re all connected now.

After graduating from

, I went to an interview with an Internet company. I was admitted to the community because of the experience of being a moderator in the community. When my classmates are still looking for jobs, I started to work on time. The job in the company is still related to the forum. Let me manage the forum of the company’s website by myself. Through my efforts, the moderator management team will gradually build shape. Because of work, I had to leave the pat community. I really miss it there.

one day, a friend on the pat asked me if I wanted to follow him. Later, after his recommendation to eBay, I became a moderator. Ha ha, but after all, not so active, and then the financial crisis caused the company to close down. No, I have to run for myself. Every day on the Internet to resume my resume, and then to the interview, after a few blows, but also become negative, and several good friends advised me to open a shop online, unfortunately, I do not like the trouble.

once, I checked at the official forum in Discuz and saw a free forum application in the bottom connection. I went in. I know something because I’ve been mixed up in the forums. Then, considering the topic of the forum, I applied for my forum as a hint. It’s much easier than I thought. Looking at the shaped forums, I’m still excited. After all, I’ve been working on other people’s forums for so long, and finally I’ve got my own, and I will definitely try my best to make it the best.

art, I will not, please pat the community before the artist, happy to help, do not buy the domain name for the record, please help David Beckham to the record. It took 31 down altogether. Then.Cn domain name or 1 yuan. Please help to record, parse, bind, spent 30. Preparation is done, is to enrich the content of the forum. As a result of my forum localization, in order to facilitate the net friend to start, specially provides the train ticket to sell the point and the booking telephone inquiry. I spent a lot of time and effort collecting tickets and outlets from all parts of the country. When it’s finished, submit it to the major search engines.

feels that it is far from enough for him to post on the forum, so he can study on 5D6D and enrich himself. >