How to price the advertising spot on the homepage of small town website

make money, make money, or make money?. I think this is one of the webmaster friends are most concerned about the topic! Most of the webmaster friends often do this kind of headache, depending on the interest and sit webmaster friends is not much, especially here, everyone is full of entrepreneurial passion of people.

below, I do a small county portal operating experience, I would like to talk about how I operate a small county website, pricing their own advertising.

note that must be a reasonable set of website home page advertising, the quantity and the size of the area and so on are the key problems to consider, too much advertising is not conducive to the user experience, and advertising is set too low on the website of the profit for the channel is too narrow.

I designed this (the red part for advertising), at the top of the page that gold position of commercial advertising, this is the most expensive oh, in charge of 1800-2800 yuan per year / year between (according to my estimate, small town can only open to the price, after all, I have a good network station at the top of the page some advertising), if the customer is a service industry, pricing can be slightly lower, if the health care, the price certainly will be much higher.


next is the advertisement bar on the right of the front page, where the advertisement bar is slightly lower than the top price, and several price grades are distinguished according to the order from top to bottom. My price is 1600-2600 yuan / year, right, of course, also according to the nature of the business to business pricing; right: 1200-2200 yuan / year; right: 800-1200 yuan / year; the last one is a little cheaper 600-800 yuan / year.

finally have a place, that is the convenience hotline, county water supply, gas supply, milk, computer repair, appliance repair, dig toilet, unlock king so businesses are your customers, set the convenience of information bar at the bottom of the home, the telephone service needs of the people have to go above, select each the industry of a merchant service phone, then charge the business 100-200 annual fee.

These are the small town of

website advertising pricing, my home town of information and economy is relatively backward, so take my advertising pricing is low price, after all, my site is to sit up for two or three months. Where the economy is developed, the price can be increased accordingly, depending on the actual situation.

, the advertisement that appears on my website is such pricing, in actual operation the process is still more useful, I hope we can give you a little reference price.

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