B2B industry website sales director daily work content

sales director involved in sales performance can improve sales skills training, whether in place, sales management is in place, even to the site can survive, as the saying goes, "Qianjun easy to find, a hard to find, to find our soldiers, in his work, as the management of the company, we want to be clearly, for us to be aware of their soldiers, what to do, what to do should be the main. This paper will explain the B2B industry website sales director in daily work, not to say, you can.

1 telemarketing staff recruitment and training

sales staff is relatively simple, relatively speaking, training is a relatively long process, the actual is divided into two parts, pre training and post training entry, sales director must act as the role of the coach.

(1) need to recruit more than one year sales experience, senior high school or above, cheerful personality, strong willed, eloquence good sales, including sales experience for home sales, store sales, telephone sales and home sales, with a telephone sales in.

(2) to test whether done related sales, a simple simulation method is very simple, he has done sales, for example: you are his customers, let him persuade you to buy his product, talks, set some objection, 5 – 10 minutes to know how he level.

(3) pre training, the training is mainly about how the site, site service, sales skills, sales operation, familiar with the industry in the downstream, the company culture and regulations, mainly to allow him to join this team, the general training day is 3-5.

(4) training mainly there are two important points: one is to be familiar with sales operation, can answer various questions and objections raised by customers; the two is the site must be familiar with the industry knowledge, need to continue to learn, called, can beat yum.

(5) because the phone sales pressure is relatively large, the time to train sales staff is rejected in suffer, can be calm in the face, let the rejection become behoove, must often find sales talk, answer the heart confused, to cheer at the same time, he is to understand customer tracking. It is later explained in detail the sales manager to catch a single".

2 through the "catch a single" to achieve "people", different methods of order training sales to enhance its sales ability

Is the key to the

sales management process: list, because the most basic is to reflect the performance list, only the "catch", not "people", through the "catch a single" to achieve "people".

(1) what is called "catch", "catch" is concerned about the specific circumstances of the hands of the sales staff list at present; "people" is concerned about the sales representative itself.