After standing for three years, finally got free from the nternet

graduated from the University in 2004 to Shenzhen, in an Internet company will go bankrupt. Less than three days, followed by the boss fled to a pet training school (the company and the customer before, because the customers rely on the network to open up the market, we went to the popularity of this school) is mainly selling dog dog training. Business. I never thought that after graduation will be reduced to such an extent. But no experience. Never mind, in Shenzhen this place can have a place to eat is good. Here to stay for two years, so I have a certain understanding of the dog, also learned a rare breeds one is a large group. As with before the network company boss in. Learn a lot of knowledge of the network, so I also made a league to make a website with the idea of.2006 years, can’t remember a few months. Then I established a website & quot; Dog world " Web site is, interested friends can go to see, and now can open.

to start their own website I can send money home to rent a house in the suburbs, every day on site, I was learning art background. After several revisions feel has been good. But I do not know how website operation is the most important. For a period of time to toss down traffic is quite. Less. There is no income, so I am very confused, I do not know how to do. Run out of money, there is no work. So, I’m about a friend to Kunming in confusion. I heard that there was a great opportunity. Here, a look, really good because there is a little experience. Through my school play a very good brother. To Changsha an electronics company made a company website. Earned 2000 dollars. Then I rented a house in Kunming. In Dianchi the villa area. The environment is very good. Is my computer after graduation has been brought in side . is my only wealth. Soon, the network is connected. But I had spent money. Just at that time the Internet has hit " jailbreak; " this movie, I have to watch a few episodes. As long as people addicted to online entertainment, will lose the self. At that time of life can only use " the poor got down to describe.


there’s an old saying, there must be some loss of income, this is true. Because in my most helpless, most confused when, my wife appeared (specific romantic love history we guess). It is an invisible connection. Lovely wife appeared so when I was. When I pick up her dirty at the KunMing Railway Station. Ha ha. That feeling ah.2007 lead a person to endless aftertastes my wife and I got married, I dream of network is still full of hope. But half a year later, the wife and the single life is not a theory. The website nature is not earn money. The flow is not significant so I find another way out. This is the social reality, vision may not be able to provide. From 2004 to 2008. During the past four years, I from contact with the network, to set up their own website, although the results are not.