Fang Wei Technology soft Wen promotion PK friendship chain

what is soft Wen, Baidu once came out, relative to the rigid advertising in terms of text advertising, "murder" and invisible, the chain source of a way. One of the necessary tools for promoting product and website optimization. Soft writing methods and delivery methods, I have more articles introduced, specific can see: small enterprises how to use soft text to promote yourself and other articles.

friendship chain, no formal definition, saying that in your website with words or pictures of each other’s links to each other website, while friendship is the website of the other side also has quick links pointing to your site accordingly. Friendship chain for improving the weight of the site is an important means, for how to change friendship chain can refer to my article: you exchange links today?


this article only makes an analysis of the role of both in promoting web sites. Some people say that the promotion of soft paper than friendship chain effect is good, because the friendship chain if the website of the other side if the cheating itself may be involved, if the other side chain of cheat ranking and weight will not be too meaningful. Product and brand and soft not only can covert promotion website or business, can also increase the chain, to the right of the jar is not afraid to be deleted. In this function analysis, soft Wen dominant.

writing soft text is not difficult, insist on writing soft text is very difficult. Change the friendship chain is not the same, adding some professional exchange chain or in some chain platform can change to a desired to change the chain transfer station network, the chain like cheat of the previously mentioned results may have some link to check the timely and correct query system. In terms of lasting friendship chain dominance.

the fact that they are not absolute comparability, both of which are an important means of site optimization, the concrete will Nagato according to their own strengths and the actual situation analysis with application.

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