Why do operate an independent blog site

to tell you why I operate independent blog independent operation today? What are the benefits? My blog operation now nearly a year, at this time of the year what are receiving? These questions are estimated many bloggers concern.

I’m a frivolous young looking out from my blog: "slogans can be determined to be the largest province of China Blog Chinese, visited most popular personal blog, this is my blog operation goal, this goal is far away from me, far away, and seemed in sight, this is like a mountain, although look in sight, but hard to go up, never reach the foot of the hill, I suddenly have a mountain of dead horse feeling! This is too far away, may all my efforts can not be achieved, so today I put the slogan to blog" to do the most grassroots webmaster most helpful blog "this slogan is much better, although the grand goal is ambitious, but compared to the target sea just have more praise! Set up a goal, In the future, we will work hard towards the present, even if only a little progress every day, I will stick to it! Come on!..

!When the

blog at the beginning, every day after work the first time is to open the computer management blog, at one o’clock in the morning to sleep is a common thing! Once at two o’clock in the morning, writing an article, published in the blog, turn off the computer, ready to go to sleep, lie down after reading the article just for mobile phone and found that there is a mistake, I jumped out of bed, open the computer to modify the article in typos! The reader is described: "I save China operation blog, has been crazy, maybe a lot of operating blog webmaster, will have this kind of experience, independent blog webmaster, grievances, bitter lonely, only we know


why do I operate an independent blog? What are the benefits of operating independently? My blog has been running for nearly a year now. What are the revenue during this year?

1: Grassroots Adsense run alone, a web site is difficult to make achievements,

before running blog, I ran a few websites, a person runs the website really very hard, silent operation a few websites have no result, I gave up the website definitely.

now, the team operating site is already hard, not to mention a personal website? I have seen a wave of grassroots webmaster to join the army chief, then there are waves of failure owners leave the circle, to find another way out of


2: I love writing and sharing

I am a cheerful boy, I love to share happiness to my friends, my blog is the purpose of operation wants to share their knowledge to others, hope they can learn new knowledge in my blog, I hope others can progress through my blog, I look at others progress will be very happy to see others on my article resonate, I will be very pleased.