Mou Changqing summary analysis, TOP44 webmaster class website

very early want to sum up the popularity of the most popular webmaster class website what, because very curious about their 2 small sites in which row of what ranking. Domestic webmaster class website is too much, so this time only summed up the Alexa comprehensive ranking 1W. Stationmaster kind website is stationmaster user, install ALEXA tool bar all much, so the popularity that uses Alexa to compare can also be said to be very reliable.

1: what is the webmaster class website


first or first to explain to the new friends what is "webmaster class" web site, as the name suggests, is the majority of users of this site is to have their own web site webmaster. What websites are mainly webmaster will visit? For example, can make Adsense money advertising alliance (Baidu alliance, Google alliance), now most of the domestic Adsense is through the union advertising gain. In addition such as IDC (network, Beijing), to buy the domain name and space is the main site of the webmaster. In addition, do webmaster tools, webmaster information, webmaster BBS, open source CMS and so on, these types of websites are webmaster class web site. In my opinion, as long as the content of this web site for the user group, more than 80% of the users have their own web site webmaster, that is the webmaster class website.

two: I summed up the TOP44 webmaster class website

because it is purely manual collection, may be part of the Alexa ranking in the 1W webmaster class site has not been collected, if a friend knows more, welcome to add a message in my blog. This is also an independent domain name webmaster Statistics website, like Google alliance, Baidu alliance, Baidu statistics, Baidu advertising housekeeper, although is very busy webmaster website, but because it is the 2 level domain it is not easy to put together the statistics.


statistics this data also let oneself long a lot of experience, understand the current domestic Adsense class website present situation, know their 2 small websites at what level?. In addition, also hope that through this statistic can give some friends have reference. For example, through this data to understand, which type of Web site audience webmasters more, more popular with the webmaster. If you want to let a webmaster product rapid promotion, spread out, also know where to go propaganda efficiency is highest.

1: the largest proportion of advertising alliances, new and old replacement soon

contact their advertising alliance, is 05 years -07 years later, from the beginning of the 08 year because it is the webmaster website, do not rely on the flow of money, so don’t do advertising alliance, but is to spend money on my website advertising advertising:). The data statistics surprised me, a total of 44 Websites, advertising Union accounted for 11.

a few years ago in my impression, in addition to Baidu and Google, the domestic well-known Union and Yiqifa, PR, black alliance, linktech, publicity and so on. But this time the statistics go to A>