Get thunder traffic skills

, because the thunder of the webmaster is high flow, generally are hundreds of thousands of traffic, we as long as learned their experience, their skills, then we can easily access to network skills.


method I added a webmaster QQ, I ask, I said that our company is going to invest in a download site, I would like to ask your webmaster, with you on the industry experience, I now invest 100 thousand yuan, to buy what the download station? Your station, such as the fruit is sold, how much is the price now is how much traffic, how much is the daily workload, the program is not original, maintenance trouble?

many owners think this thing, just copy it, I gave you, I like the flow up right away, so he may be because of this interest and you bargain, and then slowly in your dumb and other smart conversation, you have all the experience are in the hands of the.

two first go to a website sales network released each other’s website sales information, the sale price is 1000 yuan, and then directly to him, I heard your station program to sell 1000 yuan, with data? Do not believe you to look, this is the information you want to sell, the other one, a program a what? And then put the program to you, then you by the way, how to use this thing, is not to the server and so on, a series of problems, because they are not doing creative, on their own protection consciousness experience is poor, basically everyone is undefended.

method three, that is to add the other side of the QQ, in the long term with each other’s conversation, become friends, but this time is the longest, general small webmaster have time to chat with you, big webmaster simply ignore you.

to make a better man active talking to us, we will study their psychology, this trick can conquer any of a bovine B figure, we have bigger than we are, we are not going to worship him, but with him, to achieve some of the ideas and the cause of our own.