Desert foreign trade web site should not ignore the user experience


is a foreign trade enterprise, or SOHO family, are hoping for foreign customers to find their own site, then, under the orders, make money, while the foreign trade station website when necessary, should pay attention to the habits of foreigners, page structure and user experience and a series of problems, and ignore any that is not going to work.

first, foreigners browsing habits can not be ignored, the cultural differences between East and West things involved, the desert a friend is to do the SOHO family, when he was building a web site, is entirely in accordance with the design style of domestic websites do, this thought will bring you good income, who wanted to the site looks good in him, to where foreigners will not work, website garish home, emphasis on individuality, which in your opinion is not applicable, the page structure leads to confusion foreigners is difficult to find the information he wants, then they will abandon your site.

second, not professional web design, it will lead to the same problem, in the pursuit of the foreigner habits at the same time, should also pay attention to the page design, can not be too rough, too rough page will cause foreign customers feel the company is very small, very professional and careless, so they will not you are interested in.

again, the page must have the appropriate contact, if the website message feedback, online consultation, e-mail consultation is furnished, users ask for a long time, no reply, so they don’t have to find as can be imagined, and suppliers, so that the site layout should be humane, when users find what he wants the information, you must use the fastest and most direct way, let them find the contact details and the relevant person in charge, these are to customers with excellent impression.

finally, when your site conforms to foreign users’ browsing habits, well beyond the SEO optimization, consider the site open speed in foreign countries, because of the serious domestic and international outlet bandwidth is not enough, led to the foreign website open very slowly, so this is the time to consider the use of foreign host, now buy foreign hosts more and more convenient, many foreign host support Alipay payment, IXWebHosting also set up Chinese website (, price, parameters at a glance, the space is not very expensive, you are to Chinese station at a glance, lest everyone also fooled.

‘s slow opening problem is very much in need of urgent solution, and if carefully crafted and SEO optimized web site, so that customers can not browse, then the efforts done before, all in vain,


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