Enterprise website how to promote your website six methods

a good commodity not only needs good quality, but also needs successful marketing, and it is possible to be accepted by a large number of consumers. Similarly, a good web site or blog, with elaborate design, rich content and good service, is far from enough. To the vast number of network enthusiasts recommend their web site design, improve website visits, but also the need for fruitful website publicity, I will introduce the main enterprise website publicity methods:

(1) traditional advertising media

advertising media is numerous, television, radio, newspapers and other mass media, and there are signs, light boxes, transport and other outdoor media, as well as POP, packaging, yellow pages, catalogs and other media, and even the human body, toilet walls etc all can use " " new media; this thing, the more obvious advantages, reflect the A. coverage area of high B., high arrival rate and the time of C. high E. infection is high, but the disadvantages are also obvious, A. money, B. is not a long time.

(two), to each search engine registration, registration,

search engines are the main means for users to search web pages, as well as the main way to promote and publicize websites. There are many search engines, such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Sogou, soso, Youdao, Bing, and so on. By doing SEO, promotion, Baidu bidding and so on.

(three), through various forums, newsgroups and message boards

forum propaganda should choose to have their first potential customers in the Forum; the second is to choose the popular forums, but popular also have flaws, because the post was soon drowned in the other post, say too many people, it is difficult to log in; 3. is to choose to have the signature function is to choose the 4. Forum; there is a link function of the Forum; 5. is to choose to have the function of the modified message board forum, empathy.

(four) using online advertising

How does

make your online advertising more productive? What’s the biggest impact of spending money?

A., an attractive banner is more important than anything else.

B. color matching with visual impact, it is best to use yellow, orange, blue and green.

The most useful word in

C. is "free."".

D. selects the most suitable site for you. If you are a small shop or a regional company, then the advertising target will be critical. Customers who are most likely to be interested in your products and services are the main ones, so you should pick websites that can reach them.

E. bar should use the following themes: fear, curiosity, sense of humour and a solemn commitment, used in advertising text must be able to cause the curiosity and interest of visitors.