Anhui stationmaster second lecture those who refuse to swim, the fish remnant is king

Anhui Internet Union ( organized by the Anhui webmaster seminar second, has today (2008.12.5) 14:30 successful conclusion. The keynote theme: left for the king rijpkema laggards refused to fish that swim in the lectures, group number: 47065533, the crowd of 500 people almost full can see the webmaster to welcome and support big fish.

fish boss also invited in 14:30 minutes delivered a wonderful speech, won the group to participate in the webmaster’s wide acclaim, the following is the full text of this lecture, please be interested in the webmaster review. We also carried out full text broadcast live in Anhui webmaster SNS:, uid=1&, do=blog&, id=10122,

below is the full text:

refused to swim fish: everyone in Anhui and around the Internet friends, good afternoon. The fish are always in the group, but they do not receive messages because they are relatively crowded. Because others have been doing very good these local webmaster exchange, so the fish special support to and you talk. In fact, a lot of skills / techniques, /SEO, and so on, have already talked a lot. But the fish think, the total sentence is, utility is king, like a man do station.

refused to swim the fish: speaking of today’s topic: "residual king", this is intended to suggest that we support the meaning, do not easily sell stand / give up. According to the investigation that is done now, basically deficit still is occupied most. Not everyone imagined, or some soft Wen said that optimistic, rul: can see there are more than 900 owners participated in the survey, about 43% of all is money. Now there is a more widespread phenomenon, that is, everywhere using soft language techniques to do SEO. Seem to be in some CCTV advertising in learning, all use "exaggeration" technique". Yes, three months. How did my website break through 100 thousand IP?. A month, I let customers earn X million. In order to induce a small amount of clicks, you use very exaggerated techniques. As everyone knows, others do not say, do personal standing, I have so much contact, almost no one is not smart. In fact, in turn, there are too many people who have ideas in this world. 1 billion people, 900 million and 9 of them have ideas, so we usually advise people to be stupid people.

refused to swim: for a simple example, for example, you work in a unit, who do you think will give you the chance, for example, a higher age and qualification than you?. In fact, summed up the sentence is, than you have social experience, than you have the ability, than you understand the human accident, can give you the opportunity. Well, in that case, do you think you’re a little smart?