nternet road thorns diffuse, personal website can break through their own

2013, the Internet through a number of years, how many webmaster started in 2010, but not in the past few years persist, so many personal websites and waste from the Internet, the way of thorns filled too much, if you have a personal website, today in 2013, what will you think of to practice their own personal website? In fact in my opinion, the greatest significance is to give yourself a chance and achievement, because I don’t believe if you take the time to do a website, a few years to take over, or have a little bit of harvest, although there are a lot of thorns, but still need to go, this is the road. Little man said, the personal site should meet environmental practice.

first point: original intention – what do I do for


if you still insist on a website, then why would you do such a website? Is for profit, or to promote themselves, or to a simple interest, these are likely to be the site of the original intention of you, at this point, a network of the original station may make your website, a simple I do what is, will let you understand a lot of things, because a lot of friends because then extended to the implementation of a web site of a point of interest, then this site can bring you the opportunity for you no thought.

for example, when I first site is Taobao, and then transition to blog, then no renewals, the beginning of Amoy, just to earn Taobao ranking, customer cost, after the blog, is to promote some of their own ability, including every day in the company feel SEO. Ah, how to implement ah, buy space, buy a domain name and record ah, ah, and so on are written in, write the time to record life, sometimes feel of his journey, as a souvenir or not.

then later website is to do the interest, to tell the truth, this time of interest is to adhere to the teacher, I have made a step by step revision upgrade maintenance ah, ah, ah, adjust ah, operation, profitability can be completely set aside, if a website is to profit there, so if there is no profit, no traffic, no ranking, no advertising? How should, in fact, a website for the start of the state should be interested in finding such a group of people, and then maintain up to such a chance to find your website is to what. The first point.

second: Optimization – is Baidu, Google search optimization ranking,


a website online, the optimization of this block is always a big head, for me, not to mention the chain, only the internal structure, if the SEO in the interior of a website do not in place, will give users the best experience and effect, can let the spider climb up. So, the optimization of personal website need >