n fact, you need to learn to absorb the essence

today also saw a lot of new Adsense online articles, there are many professional SEOers blogs and web sites in the brain, look into a lot of knowledge and skills, altogether gathered together, haven’t got a clue.

has the network promotion, has the website optimization, has the website operation, and many articles about the website. It’s fun to see the skills that you didn’t know before, and to be excited when you see the tools you didn’t use before, for

then skilled copy and paste, click on the download… Every day. These actions, I am not in the update site, but to collect these articles to your computer, learn slowly to day, slowly understand, and these ideas always let me lazy before, suddenly see that how to say? An article about the webmaster execution time, I asked myself, I just learned to use their own, to operate the drill? No, I answer myself. In fact, look at the grassroots, to truly practice a lot, and successfully applied to their own projects at the grassroots is not much, which is why so many webmaster can’t make money, no firm executive force is the main reason, and I also linger in this part of the grassroots webmaster do not make money


today, when I read that article, I opened my folder and all the skills I did to keep my web site lying in the folder. The earliest document, date displayed in May 2006, and now I have not opened. All of a sudden to eat so many things, like the food without chewing read hastily and without thinking, how will be conducive to the absorption of


I lie in bed for a long time, think about what I’ve got, a few poor little websites, deep dark circles, tired bodies……. Once read numerous, many are very classic articles, and I am all eating, and not one, a careful experience, like the flow of the account, there is no practical significance.

often think of many ideas, but also often for my ideas and admire myself, those ideas really exciting, but because my execution is not strong, all in the passage of time forgotten. Remember the middle school teacher often said: "good memory is worse than bad writing", you will not always remember your inspiration. To make a habit of keeping track of inspirational words, I think it will be very useful.

I am a little grass every day, living in their own world, in fact, the outside world is very exciting, and chat with friends is a kind of enjoyment, their advice may bring you a lot of inspiration, oh, my writing is very bad, but I’m pretty thick skinned, let the rotten tomato some of the more violent


wanted to talk to me about a friend who added me: "QQ:136276874," says: "from Admin5 Oh, because it feels like home.".