How to do the inside of the chain and the chain complement each other

in most Adsense seems links is a lead role, actually there are more links, such as webmaster do site map site, the spider crawling route and so on must rely on the website link, we can see from the importance of web links. But recently many websites ranking from the stagnant state we can see the chain and the chain in many sites is not coordinated, links which are not equal, the complementary work as a webmaster how to do with the chain chain site of


web site, the content of the chain pointing to the content of the page,

before Baidu Scindapsus algorithm did not come out, the chain site of many take the chain are irrelevant, Baidu released a new algorithm after many owners are also aware of the problem, but in the process of doing is not good, because some owners believe that to seek the chain content of this web site a process has a relationship with the content is very complex, may take this way a chain has done a lot of other chain. The author suggests you don’t seek immediate interests, Baidu redesigned the chain algorithm calculated after the number has not replace quality, so we do the site outside of the chain as much as possible to the outside of the chain at the content with the content of the website page involved together, also has the strength and progress of this kind of Baidu spiders crawl.

The text of the anchor text on the

site is related to the imported link

has been the site of the anchor text in the key to attract traffic, traffic is part of the site to achieve on the site of the anchor text, such as user and look at the time found a place of interest or adjective, the user may click into the great guide into the site, so the site is an important position in the external links, but the webmaster please note the relevance of our in the use of the anchor text also must pay attention to the anchor text introduction and website content, a very simple example: user A in time to visit Baidu pomegranate algorithm in this article, the anchor text you add in pomegranate algorithm. But you are shopping import page, this is wrong, because after the user enters the site the first reaction is to leave, this is not only not Let the website collect interest, more serious is, Baidu can think your website jumps out rate is exorbitant.

website chain and the construction of the chain can be integrated into

a little careful webmaster will find, when many sites in the chain construction method are adopted to a web page, I would not say that this is wrong, but the chain and the chain construction site in the chain in the future construction of integration, that is to say we can also construct a part of the chain for their web pages, such as your website address is www.***.com, why can’t we build the chain for the www.***.com/ABC of the page that >?