How to do a good job of logistics enterprise website construction, several major points need attenti

logistics website construction is the inevitable result of today’s social development. The development of e-commerce accelerates the integration of the world economy and makes logistics play a decisive role in the whole international business activities. Moreover, the development of e-commerce has promoted the further development of the logistics industry. At the same time, it has brought a new revolution to the logistics industry.

The construction of

logistics website has become the focus of attention, how to construct their own logistics website? How can the logistics website attract more users to join? Rui ( will be briefly introduced under the logistics website construction points.

point 1: analysis of logistics website construction target

in the logistics industry, the products that users and suppliers deal with are logistics services. It is necessary to realize this when building logistics websites. In the construction of logistics website in the early stage, to clarify the purpose of the service or site of the site is the focus, but also the logistics website construction company to carry out the work of the original intention.

For example,

DHL, is to seize the "safety" of this feature, "Extra security and safety" to serve the purpose and goals for themselves and provide greater security for customers, whether goods safety, or online payment security, they are the key.

points two: logistics website overall style design

logistics website design style is the most direct way to attract users, pay attention to the user as the center, whether it is in the website design, function, or site maintenance and subsequent expansion, as long as the user habits based logistics style of the whole website will definitely be more perfect.

in the design: to reflect the logistics industry’s own image, LOGO adoption, color matching and frame layout are the best embodiment of logistics website image.

in the website function: reflects the interactive function of the logistics website, using a variety of mechanisms to remind logistics website managers. In addition, more concerned about the logistics website security and stability but also logistics website, the network security system, the login security, system security, system security module, security and other way during the session to ensure the safety of logistics website.

points three: logistics website features services provided

The design of

logistics website characteristic service can not only get rid of the boring feeling that the logistics website may bring, but also bring the unique bright spot for the logistics website, so that it is more beneficial to the user’s attention.

for example, add a "home game" in the logistics website, this service is the current popular users, not only to attract long-term online registered users, but also can bring some profit.

points four: logistics website main function layout