How to do ten suggestions for the website

is a small suggestion, is actually a small sum I do for two years, I do not know what is from the past, although now there is no what a big success, but no achievement is not failure, at least in the grassroots webmaster of this piece, I accumulated a lot of experience today. And we come together to talk about, if you are a novice webmaster, need to pay attention to what.

if you have to site this piece of what all don’t understand, but want to get a sense of achievement or make money through the website operation, this article beginning today I want to say to you: the site has entered the

risk, need to be cautious!

one. For server problems:

If you are a

just to get involved in the site of the novice webmaster, I would recommend that you hire a virtual host, do not buy their own servers at the start, because technology and information is not enough, the independent server to maximize the benefits in your hands, rather than rent a virtual host, and my personal advice is not flat-share, flat-share it is cheap, but there are many problems and troubles, and the site is now the expansion of the function, the content increased, can lease the space of 1G, this money is unavoidable, need to input

for where to rent a server problem, a start if you don’t know what, just take some nets or rent a new network space, I admit, is more expensive than some other space, but to see many personal webmaster Admin5 after I cried, I think it is necessary highlight: the space is a basic website to survive, must ensure the stability and customer service service, if the money you have felt the need to compare, the things not in the Admin5 to send the call.

two. About the choice of background programs

HTML even if you cannot read, then you’d better not do stand, or spend a few hours a little learning, very simple, and you eat with chopsticks as simple HTML like language is the common language of the webmaster world, must be, that if you don’t do not except HTML and then you’re ready to process it, if it is ASP, choose PowerEasy (but it must use loopholes, patches are marked), if it is PHP, choose DEDE, the two is the most stupid CMS, they do follow the tutorial, step by step to what, generally no big problem.

three. About graphic design

Photoshop if you are not too good, DW also uses the unskilled, and not what art foundation, it is better to use templates, specific to zzchn over there, if there can not find your satisfaction, then all over the world to find you look pleasing to the eye of the station, and put his page preserved, then change LOGO, change color, can be used directly.

above three points, I did not emphasize to novice webmaster self-study, why?