Local community website operation and promotion experience sharing

see some people write some local community website operation article is very good, I also join in a lively, also write a little of their own experience.

1, domain name is very important,

The biggest difference between

local websites and national websites is the sense of belonging. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to choose a domain name with local characteristics. For example, Baotou information network, previously used domain name podoor.com is very difficult to remember, and later use baoketu.com domain name, access to a great increase.

2, characteristic content is indispensable,

as a local community website, in order to rely on the content of other people can do a good job, it is simply impossible. You need to have your own features, or to introduce local features, or to provide local users with special services. For example, the Baotou information network’s life information section is the most popular page on the entire website, and it is also the most popular forum.

3, activity is necessary,

as a local community website, the most fundamental is the interaction between people. Activities, therefore, are essential to local communities. In a sense, the number of local community website users is also one of the important indicators to judge whether a local community website is successful or not.

, write these three points today, and then add them later.