How to make your website stand out

is now the site of innumerable, how to make your website from numerous sites in talent shows itself is a very important problem. Let’s talk about the problem today.

before you make a stop, you have to determine your website’s marketing goals. Whatever you do, you have goals, you have the motivation to do so. And how to establish marketing goals are divided into the following points.

1, do a market research,

is now under development to understand the status of Internet and the development of the same site operating conditions, the patch has been short, and then find out their advantages, as the main objective of this investigation is to clarify their website to order what kind of theme, the theme will be able to find a good starting point. A good starting point can give you a multiplier effect.

2, think of your website size in mind first,

some say I want to be a gateway to the station, I want to say is nonsense, the site is like a child to walk, step by step, do not you think how much you can do much, but also to do according to their ability at the present stage, not far fetched. From the beginning of small scale, and gradually developed, this should take into account the late maintenance of the site and the direction of the development of the site. Sometimes, to do things or to have the development of vision, can not say that you do a small station, has been kept still, things are to develop.

3, determine your site categories and design features

in website design, according to the theme and form of the website to do. The design of the general website can be divided into content based design, supplemented by the general used in large-scale sites, mostly ICP, ISP vendors to produce web site requirements, practical, not too flashy. The second is that the majority of enterprises to promote their products to expand the market, hoping to make their products to the world, this website design generally the main product marketing, third is the image class website for government departments, serious design requirements. Finally is personal homepage website, this kind of design is more free, without any restraint, may play according to own special skill. So when we are doing our own home website, we should find out our own direction according to the previous definite theme, so as to design a site suitable for ourselves.

4, know who your main target is,


of each site has its own target audience, the elderly, children, men, women and so on, if your site is business class, then your target audience is business people, if your site is a beauty like target audience is female etc..

5, probably to calculate how much, how to run

to do a rough estimate on the site, how much money and how much money to prepare their own business, the site began operating after pay attention to the maintenance of late, every day we walked the street.